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Winter Swimming Pool Cover Life Expectancy


There are many different types of winter swimming pool covers that are made from all different types of materials. Depending on what type of winter pool cover you buy will depend on how long it will last. There is also the budget factor when choosing what type of pool cover is right for you.
Winter Swimming Pool Cover Life Expectancy

A traditional solid winter pool cover can cost anywhere from $60 – $300 depending on how large your swimming pool is. The Loop Loc or Safety Swimming Pool Cover has a much higher price tag and they generally start at $1100 and up depending on the size of your pool. If you have a free form or custom shaped swimming pool the cover price could be higher because the cover may need to be specially made to fit your pool.

The Loop Loc / Safety Pool Cover

The Loop Loc Safety pool cover is made from a strong mesh material that is built to last. The average life expectancy of a mesh safety swimming pool cover is around 10 – 15 years. The lifetime of the swimming pool safety cover can be extended for many years after if the cover is well taken care of during the beginning years of the cover ownership. Properly washing, storing and maintenance of the Loop Loc safety cover is very important. You also want to make sure that this type of cover (safety cover) is installed by a professional only to ensure that its installed the right way. Failure to install the mesh safety cover properly can shorten the lifespan of this type of cover.

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The In ground / Above Ground Standard / Heavy Duty Pool Cover

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When selecting a solid style winter swimming pool cover for your in ground or above ground pool there are some things you will want to take into consideration before doing so. There are two different grades of covers available for you to buy. The first type is the economy winter pool cover that is very popular. These type of covers usually have a 2 – 10 year limited warranty. The second type of solid swimming pool cover is the heavy duty solid pool cover that is made from a thicker material. The heavy duty type swimming pool covers are usually made from a green material and will have a longer extended warranty period vs the traditional standard blue swimming pool cover.

The EZ Drain Self Draining Above Ground Pool Cover

The EZ Drain self draining swimming pool cover is a great alternative to the traditional standard solid cover if you have an above ground swimming pool. The nice part of the EZ drain is exactly what it sounds like, it drains really easy. There is a mesh panel in the center of the cover that allows the water to drain off of the top of your cover and not into your pool. These covers can last anywhere from 5 – 10 years if you wash and take care of the cover as it ages. You also will want to store the cover in a dry cool place during the off season to extend the life of the cover.

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The Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

The automatic swimming pool cover is a great asset to any pool with the many features that it has to offer. These types of covers can last to an upwards of 20+ years if taken care of properly. Each automatic swimming pool cover company will offer a different warranty length depending on the brand that you choose.


  1. Above ground pool covers – though they are always advertised from 8 year up to 16 years – are actually the common TARP ! TARPS can NOT withstand the Winter elements! In the past EIGHT I never got more than one year from the TARP designed pool cover! When I did use it for a second year – I failed to notice the TARP was stressed from the previous Winter and dirty water flowed through it into the pool.

    I spoke to half a dozen pool supply managers through the years looking to replace the heavy duty cover that served me for 12 years. The covers they sell are simple tarps. It is odd they AVOID the fact that rain and snow will accumulate on the cover adding a lot of weight stressing that cover – TARP. One really incredibly arrogant manager said “you should not be using a pool cover pump to remove water from the cover” – though the water weight was ripping the grommets from the edge. How incredibly STUPID. Invariably they – in a round about way – suggest their pool covers – TARPS – will work well in the warmer climates where the water does not freeze.

    I’m taking a long time to say – “TARPS are not pool covers” !

  2. By the way IF there is a REAL pool cover out there – I’m NOT in the market for a cover that an Elephant can walk on – just a heavy duty cover, as I remember it – please respond.

    Kind of odd that there does not seem to be a difference between an 8 or 12 year cover – TARP. I have bought a TARP pool cover every year for the past EIGHT years from ALL the Pool supply companies found on the Internet – you know who they are – you probably received at least a dozen catalogs this month.

    CAUTION: Don’t even think of suggesting I do not know how to cover my pool! When I provided photos all I heard was stuttering from the pool supply managers or they refused discussion or BLAME.

    In the mean time I will be investigating ‘truth in advertising’ of pool covers – TARPS!

    I DO expect to get at least FIVE years from an EIGHT year cover!

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