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AO Smith 50 Gallon Energy Smart Electric Water Heater


AO Smith’s Signature Premier 50-Gallon Short Energy Smart Electric Water Heater is built to serve the water heating needs at any households with efficiency and reliability that would react to various circumstances including low usage time. This will automatically reduce the energy bills by saving any undetected heat loss, and all this is possible by the way of advanced technology that the company applied.

Leak Shield™ shut off valve will detect the leak at any time, and would automatically shut off the water supply when the incident happens. At the same time, the homeowner will get an alert message via the Leak Watch™ Smart technology and iCOMM™ Smart Connectivity. The latter one enables you to manager your water heater from your smartphone even when you are away. The life of water heater tank could be protected by the built-in Tank Guard™ technology whereby a self-cleaning dip tube is installed which is designed to reduce sediment build-up.

At its core part, the premium 5500 Watt Stainless Steel heating elements are more efficient and longer lasting than conventional elements, with higher recovery capability.
To combat with traditional corrosion problems inside the tank, this unit has dual stainless heating elements which are a protective anode rod and a ceramic fused tank shield. This is so called superior tank protection in a long term.

There are factory-installed heat trap nipples and non-CFC polyurethane foam insulation which will contribute to the heat loss reduction for maximum efficiency and energy savings. The unit’s outside design is ideal for condensed spaces like under staircases and closet installations.

For the purpose of safe operation, temperature and pressure relief valve and tamper-proof drain valve are provided by default. Another safety feature is that the water heater won’t be turned on until the tank is full of water – this is called dry fire protection. With this specific function, the unit can eliminate the accidental burning out the upper element.

For the ease of user control experience, it provides easy-to-use digital user interface where you can set the temperature and mode easily and review the diagnostics first hands when there is any issue on the unit. This unit is also Smart grid ready, so that you may connect via an optional CTA-2045 port adaptor and utility communication module

It comes with 12-Year limited tank and parts, 3-Year limited labor warranty that would give you peace of mind.

Before you make a decision, it is always recommended to go check out the manufacturer’s website and review other models for your house’s hot water needs.

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