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Several Important Steps Homeowners Can Take To Protect Their Furnace


According to the majority of heating contractors, before you start up your heater every year, it’s important it’s checked out and cleaned by an experienced certified, heating, ventilation and air conditioning service technician. This HVAC technician will need to have the right tools to test your furnace to rule out in issues with it. Yes, it costs money to hire this type of person for the job; but, it’s well worth it!

What A Service Technician Will Do For You and Your Furnace

Bear in mind that all furnaces need to have a yearly clean. Besides getting rid of the dirt and dust that’s accumulated, the service technician can identify problems with the device before the problems become serious. Boiler trays, burners and steam boilers should always have an annual clean to ensure maximum heating.


The Importance To Having Your Furnace Cleaned Every Year

Most folks don’t know that servicing their furnace will improve their quality of life. When a furnace has problems, it can cause a humidity imbalance. When the humidity is extremely dry it can cause a number of serious health issues:

– Asthma attacks
– Itchy eyes
– Nosebleeds

Mold growth can also occur, which can affect woodwork and windows. The heating technicians can spot issues with the furnace and repair them to better the humidity so that your home is relaxed. It’s possible that your furnace will need to be repaired or upgraded; this is especially true if the heating system is old. Older homes typically need more care and maintenance; but, can be restored to near their former glory with minor improvements and modifications.

If your furnace uses natural gas or propane, additional care must be heeded. If your furnace is turned off, don’t do a thing with it until it’s shut off. If not, you should cause a fire or have another kind of accident. Of course, a certified heating system technician is the only person who should check the furnace while it runs.

Don’t forget to replace the unit’s air filter once a month so that it runs efficiently and effectively. Of course, some better filters will last longer than a month but this depends on the filter and the atmosphere.

Now, all furnaces have some type of drain trap or hose. When there is a blockage in the furnace’s drain system, less heat will be emitted from the device. The drain trap will need to be cleaned and have the dirt blown out of it. Consider using bleach to destroy the bacteria and mold that has built up.

While your service technician is there taking care of your unit, be sure to ask him/her questions. When you know more about your unit and how to take care of it, you can save yourself some money down the road. Get familiar with your heating system so that you can deal with the issue when one comes up.


  1. I have realized you are better off hiring professionals when it comes to your service needs and getting a high quality person rather than trying to do it yourself

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