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EZ Drain Winter Above Ground Pool Cover


If you are looking for a way to properly close your swimming pool is to have the right cover. Choosing the right pool cover can be a great help when you want to open up your swimming pool with less work when its done. There are so many covers out there, how do you choose the right one? One of the best styles of swimming pool covers are the draining covers. These covers work best on above ground swimming pools. EZ Drain Winter Above Ground Pool Cover

They can offer reliability and dependability that you wouldn’t get with standard covers. One of these covers is the EZ Drain Round Winter Above Ground Pool Cover. This cover is a great way to protect your swimming pool from the harshness of winter and keep the pool cover from sinking in after rain and snow the entire winter. Let’s take a look and see what the EZ Drain Round Winter Above Ground Pool Cover has to offer.

With the EZ Drain Cover you will find that you won’t have to check how your swimming pool cover is doing in the winter. You can rest assured that the pool cover is in tact. The way this cover works is that the drainage system is actually hidden within the two layers of the cover. Then you can attach the cover drain to the swimming pool return line and you won’t have to worry about the cover collapsing again.
EZ Drain Winter Above Ground Pool Cover
No more setting up siphons, garden hoses or swimming pool cover pumps. This product is made with a very strong construction with a triple laminated polyethylene that was created to help stand up to weather and to UV Rays. This cover offers a three-foot overlap that is designed to work best on swimming pools with Hayward style returns.

EZ Drain Winter Above Ground Pool Cover Specifications

This cover comes in 4 different sizes, 15 feet, 18 feet, 24 foot and 27-foot diameters. You will receive the cover, cable and securing system as well as the fittings and the drainage hose you will need to attach to the pools return lines. These covers are covered by a warranty of three years with complete coverage. The cover is also protected by a 15 year pro rated warranty. You want to make sure that your swimming pool is clear before you close it so when you open the pool in the springtime you will see such an improvement from your old cover.

These EZ Drain Round Winter Covers hold up well and are made with a sturdy construction so they will not rip or tear even under the most extreme weather conditions. These covers are affordably priced at $239.95, you are not just getting a cover but you are getting peace of mind. There are some restrictions, if your swimming pool doesn’t come with standard return line like in Doughboy, Lomart or Muskin Pools then you may not be able to use this cover. You can find this EZ Drain Round Winter Cover on some websites online.


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