There are some things you will need to do to your pool skimmer before the winter time comes. You will need to protect it from ice and the elements of winter. You will also need some sort of air compressor to blow out the swimming pool plumbing. If you have an inground swimming pool you will also need a swimming pool skimmer Gizmo.How To Winterize Your Inground Pool Skimmer

Blowing out the pool skimmer lines:

You will want to blow out all of the water from the skimmer lines so they do not crack from the freezing temperatures. You can blow out the pool lines with an air compressor by hooking it to the bottom of your pump.

Some Helpful Pool Skimmer Weatherization Videos

Winterizing Filter System With An Air Compressor

How To Hook Up Air Compressor To Pump

Inserting The Pool Skimmer Skimmer Gizmo:

After you have blown all the water from the skimmer lines you will want to insert the pool gizmo. The gizmo is the green pr black plastic that screws into the bottom of the pool skimmer.

You can see what a gizmo is and how to insert it into the pool skimmer by watching this video below:

How To Install Gizmo Into Pool Skimmer

Always make sure to remove all of the water from the pool skimmer plumbing lines before inserting the Gizmo into the pool skimmer.