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Economy Vs Heavy Duty Above Ground Pool Cover


Economy Vs Heavy Duty Above Ground Pool CoverFinding a swimming pool cover is one of the most dreaded things when it comes to closing the swimming pool. Some swimming pool owners wait until the last minute to purchase a cover so they end up paying a lot of money when they don’t have to.

Chances are since they waited until the last minute the cover they purchased won’t be what they need and they will spend a lot of money on something they will need again next year. Most people know if they need a cover almost from the minute the open their pools. Why not shop early; if circumstances have come up and you can’t shop ahead of time then at least you can shop smart.

That is where this guide comes in; we will show you two different types of covers the Economy Vs Heavy Duty Above Ground Pool Cover. Let’s take a look and see which cover would be great for your above ground swimming pool. One of the best websites is Backyard City. Let’s take a look and see which one of these covers is best for your swimming pool.

Economy Above Ground Pool Winter Covers

Above Ground Pool Cover
The Economy Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover comes with a 10-year warranty. This cover is heat sealed with double-stitched seams for extra protection. This cover actually measures 3 feet bigger than the actual pool size to ensure a proper fit. This swimming pool cover is made with a vinyl-coated cable with a winch. The grommets are made from an aluminum material so they will not rust. The cover is also made from a woven triple laminated and it is UV Inhibited fabric and thread.

The Economy Above Ground Pool Winter Cover is made with an 8 x 8 Scrim. It is a navy blue top/black bottom. The covers are available in round sizes ranging from 12 feet to 30 feet. The oval swimming pool sizes range from 15 ft x 30 ft to 21 ft x 42 feet. The prices range from $19.95 to $80.95. You can find these covers on the Backyard City website.

Heavy Duty Above Ground Pool Covers

The heavy duty above ground pool covers offers easy installation. These covers are made 3 feet bigger so it can fit better. These covers are polycarbonate that is designed to protect them from ripping and they are UV protected. These covers are put together with a heat sealed, double stitched seams. These swimming pool covers made a triple woven laminated material. You want to have a swimming pool cover that fits great.

You want to keep the leaves out and the debris out of the pool. If your swimming pool is clear when you close it, then you will want to open the swimming pool clean too. With a heavy duty above ground cover you can do just that.

These covers come with a 15-year warranty; the winter covers start at 12 feet round which starts at $23.95 through 18 feet x 45 feet oval which costs $107.95. If you want to check out the other sizes of these swimming pool covers then check out the Backyard City website.

Depending on where you live, if you live in a state with a mild winter then you will want the economy covers and if you live in a state with harsher winter then you may want the heavy duty above ground winter cover. These covers come with 10 and 15-year warranty. Customers, who have used these covers, highly recommend them. Checkout the website and see all of the different sizes of round and oval size covers available.

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