Closing the swimming pool can be a very sad time of the year. It means back to school for the kids and it means the end of the summer weather. On the other hand it could be good news, the kids are going back to school and you don’t have to worry about swimming pool maintenance until next year. Now that the time has come to cover your swimming pool, you are dreaded spending a lot of money on a new cover. Economy Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

The best way to get the most for your money is to purchase an Economy Winter Pool Covers for Above Ground Swimming Pool. These covers can be found on many online websites. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a swimming pool cover for it to work and protect your swimming pool properly.

While other covers may cost you hundreds of dollars, these covers are economic in price but don’t let the cost fool you. These covers offer effective winter coverage. These covers are for above ground swimming pools; these are the swimming pools that need the most protection. How many times have you gone out over the winter and secure your pool cover or maybe have had to pay for a new cover because your old one did not work.

These covers can be found on the Winter Covers website and they offer a 4 year warranty with a 1 year full warranty. Let’s take a look and see what these swimming pool covers have to offer.

Economy Winter Pool Covers for Above Ground Swimming Pool Features

With prices rising on just about everything this year, closing your swimming pool doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. By shopping around and finding great deals you can save some money and still get a great, reliable and dependable swimming pool cover. These Economy Winter Pool Covers for Above Ground Swimming Pools are made with a polyethylene material. These are heavy-duty pool covers that have a 6 x 8 filament scrim.

This ensures that the cover is a tightly woven cover than it won’t rip or split. These covers are made with double-stitched borders that surround the entire cover. This will ensure double safety from strong winds and rain. The covers are also weather resistant with aluminum grommets that protect the cover from ripping and tearing off. These covers are also UV protected.

Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

Economy Winter Pool Covers for Above Ground Swimming Pool Specifications

These swimming pool covers come with a vinyl coated cable and winch system that lets the homeowner install their own swimming pool covers. This means that homeowners can save even more money. The covers are available on navy blue with a black bottom. Though these covers come in different sizes they offer an 18-inch water drop. There are Cover Clips that are available; these clips will help keep the swimming pool cover in place. Not even the wind can get under the cover.

There are 11 different sizes of the Economy Winter Pool Covers for Above Ground Swimming Pools. They come in Part Number W4300, 15/18 foot round cover that will cost about $28.99. The W4305 is the 18/21 foot round cover that will cost you $34.99. The W4310 is the 21/24 foot round, this cover costs $48.99, the W4315 is the 24/27 foot round cover and it costs about $57.99 just to name a few. The rest of the sizes are 28/31 round, 12′ x 24′ oval to 21′ x 41′ ovals. The prices start at $74.99 to $82.99.

When you purchase the Economy Winter Pool Covers for Above Ground Swimming Pool, you should make sure that you read the installation manual before attempting to install the cover. Make sure when you order these covers that you are ordering the right size of the swimming pool. As we mentioned these covers have an 18-inch water drop level but if your swimming pool water levels drops more than 18 inch then you may need a larger size pool cover. You will also need to purchase either water bags or Aqua Blocks for extra protection for the swimming pool cover.