The Weil McLain Gold Series WGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler is a dedicated water only boiler. There are no tankless heaters or cover plates to install. The WGO Oil Fired Boiler is one of the premier series in the Weil McLain inventory. There are 8 different models in the WGO Series. Each boiler is bigger than the next. The Net BTUH’s range from 75,000 to 257,000. These boilers are required to use a number 2 fuel oil for a smoother boiler operation.Weil McLain Gold Series WGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler

These boilers are a high efficiency boiler with a rating of 85% and higher. The WGO Oil Fired Boilers have a convertible flue with rear or top venting available. The way this system was designed was with 2 flue openings. This can provide more flexibility to the installation of the venting.The WGO is an Easy Inspection and Top Cleaning unit. The flue ways are easy to see and easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the jacket cap and flue outlet cap. As easy as these units are to remove they can easily put back together again. A great feature of the WGO Oil Fired Boiler is that heat pins; they give the boiler certain paths for the flue brush to travel. The operation is clean and smooth.
Weil McLain Gold Series WGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler
The Weil McLain WGO Oil Fired Water Boiler has a factory installed cast iron boiler sections. Cast Iron boiler sections are used for a longer lasting boiler. Weil McLain boilers if taken care of properly can last for over 25 years. The high temperature rope that is compressed in between the boiler sections to create a gas tight seal so that there will be no gas leaking through the system. The WGO series also has a captured seal system. This is designed to help the boiler sections expand and contrast as the boiler heats up. The elastomer sealant provides a watertight seal allow no water to escape, keeping the efficiency in the boiler. Some other features of the WGO series has an insulated steel jacket to help contribute to the boilers efficiency. The boiler has a factory installed Taco 007 Circulator Pump.

Other standard features include a 30 PSIG ASME Relief Valve, a Drain Valve and a Balanced Draft Damper. If you are looking to improve your boiler efficiency you can choose to have a High Efficiency Flame Retention Oil Burner. You have a choice of a Beckett AFG, Carlin EZ or Riello. The WGO Oil Fired Boiler also offers an Indirect Fired Water Heater. The Weil McLain WGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. With any Weil McLain boiler you will get an innovative design, easy to install and easy to maintain boiler. There are not too many boilers on the market that can compare with the Weil McLain WGO Oil Fired Boiler. Shop around and compare, it will be hard to find an efficient oil fired boiler like any of the boilers in the Weil McLain inventory. The company has been serving the world with their heating products for over 100 years. They continue to bring us new designs and more efficient products.