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WeT Head

I am Wet head and I have been working on plumbing, pumps and swimming pools since I was 17 years old. I was the class clown, well that is what I was told.

What do I do now? I write, I blog. I help people fix their clogs, I fix broken pumps, I help pool owners with systems, so hopefully their pool water will sparkle and glisten.

You may ask, “Who is this guy”, I will tell you just stand by.

I was the guy that went into ejector pits while you stood above and had your fits. I was the guy who plumbed in the roughs while it was so cold, running miles of underground pipe while it snowed. I was a plumbing soldier and I did as I was told, so how did I ever get forced into your molds? I am that guy that is now breaking free, telling the world my plumbing ideas, so let me be. Let me tell the world about my experience so they can see that their health depends on this industry. I don’t know it all and I still learn everyday and night but I love to plumbing and you will learn that as you read what I write. Can you feel my passion, I bet you can, watch me rebuild the plumbing industry to what it used to be once again, we had respect, we had our pride and now once again, All Plumbers will shine. .

I was the guy that installed your products over and over again, while everyone just sat back and watched the dollars roll in. I was an employee for years and years, who went home and cried real tears. Because all you did was scream in my ears, I was treated like garbage by Foreman alike, but it made me stronger night after night.

I was the guy with the big mouth on every job, I was the guy that busted you for not paying prevailing wage to the guys on the state job, and you were just a filthy plumbing slob, trying to get over on all of us like the mob. I was the guy that you never thought had a choice, now here I am with a whole world reading my writing. How is this for a voice?

I was the guy who you worked to the bone; I was the guy that you could always rely on when you called on the phone. I was the guy who gave my ideas and my might and still to this day I will continue to fight, yea that’s right. They can get their own plumbing license if they like.

I was the guy who repaired steam traps all alone, one by one. You didn’t care you just yelled “get back to work and hurry up and get done”. I was that guy that pulled split case pumps that were heavier than a small home. I turned those huge bolts like some kind of drone. I was that guy who changed those boiler room gate valves high in the air, as you looked on with no care, thinking about how much money I was making I was making that you were not going to share.

I was that guy that helped you make all of those dollars one by one and for Christmas you gave me a story and treated me like I was no one. I was that guy who bent copper like a champ. I saved you a lot of money looking back at a glance. But did you ever say Thank You? No, not a chance, I was the guy who’s copper joints were shiny and gleamed nice and bright. They were always leak free helping you sleep at night.

I might write in rhymes or even kinda stiff and of course I will have my moments and you will have your tiffs. So let’s get back to me one more time so I can tell you more about me line by line. My name is Wet head and that’s what they named me, what can I say; I eat, sleep and breathe plumbing everyday. I am a plumber what can I say?

I will blog about plumbing till the day I die. I will tell my trade stories with enthusiasm and pride. I will continue to protect the health of the nation, as that is my job, whether it be virtual or work on the actual jobs.

The message of health must go on and it is my duty as a plumber to keep the water on, making sure That all the drains all flow nice and fast. I am a plumber, as you might know at last, I will also work on pumps and swimming pools till my days last.

I am a plumber that is who I am,

So before you wonder “who is this guy”, remember “I “was that guy. So here I am ready to shine. But I am telling the world online. So Will you join me on this journey through plumbing cyberland? We will talk about the industry as a whole, touch base on feelings that force us into molds. We can share tips and even discuss what makes a plumber tick. Even talk about things that makes us sick. Join me my brother that’s all I ask.

If you want to learn, comment or even post subscribe to my rss feed to get the most.

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