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Best Oil Fired Boilers 2009


Heating season is the time of the year that homeowners dread the most. Winter, long days and cold days and nights. They don’t look forward to spending money on their energy bills. What could make that anxiety worse is when you need a new boiler. Oil boilers are becoming more popular every year and the reason being is that companies like Dunkirk, Weil McLain and Buderus have developed more energy efficient oil fired boilers.

Dunkirk Empire II Water Series Oil Fired BoilerIf you are looking to save money this heating season and you want a more reliable and dependable boiler, then oil fired boilers are the way to go. Shopping for an oil fired boiler or any boiler can be frustrating but we hope to make that easier for you. We have put together a list of the three best oil fired boilers.The boilers we are about to profile are from the top three companies that manufacture Oil Fired Boilers. Don’t dismiss oil fired boilers because of the cost of oil or energy. These concerns are a thing of the past. Oil fired boilers today have new designs and can actually save you money rather than spend it. These boilers are reliable, energy efficient and cost effective. We will show you the specs and benefits of the Dunkirk Empire II Water Series Oil Fired Boiler, Weil McLain Gold Series WGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler and the Buderus G215 Oil Fired Residential Boiler.

Dunkirk Empire II Water Series Oil Fired Boiler

Dunkirk II Empire Water Series Oil Fired Boilers are perfect for residential homes. There are 9 different sizes for this boiler. The MBH input ranges from 80,000 to 280,000. So depending on what size your home is, there is a Dunkirk II Empire Water Series Oil Fired Boiler for you. One of the best features of this Dunkirk II Boiler is that it is made with Cast Iron Sections that work with Push Nipples. This design is works well with oil fired boilers because as the boiler expands the push nipples will expand along with the boiler to help keep the heat inside the boiler and prevent heat loss. The Dunkirk Empire II Oil Fired Boiler offers a High Limit Aquastat Control. This device is designed to help the boiler control the maximum temperature of the boiler itself should be. Some of the other great features of this boiler are the 30-PSI ASME Relief Valve, a Beckett AFG Series Oil Burner and its Isolating Valve. The Isolating Valve is great for when the boiler has to be drained.

Dunkirk Empire II Oil Fired Boilers come with Taco Circulating Pumps and a strong Combustion Chamber. These boilers also work great with a tankless water heater. If you are thinking of a new oil fired boiler, check out the Dunkirk website and see what other boilers they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Weil McLain Gold Series WGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler

Weil McLain is one of the most recognized names in the boiler industry. They have a complete line of gas and oil fired boilers. One of their premier boilers is the Gold Series WGO Oil Fired Steam Boilers. This boiler comes in 8 different sizes. The BTUH ranges from 75,000 to 257,000. When you use this oil fired boiler, the best oil to use is the Number 2 Fuel Oil for the best operation. These Weil McLain Boilers have an energy efficiency rating of 85% and higher.

The Weil McLain Gold Series WGO Oil Fired Boilers have a 2 flue design, rear or top venting. This choice makes installation options a bit more flexible. This boiler is equipped with a Captured Seal System, As the boiler sections expand, the elastomer sealant will offer the boiler a watertight seal that will keep the oil and the heat in the boiler and thereby saving you money. This system works in conjunction with the cast iron boiler sections. Another great energy efficient feature of the Weil McLain Gold Series Oil Fired Steam Boiler is the insulated steel jacket that surrounds the boiler, working hard to prevent any heat loss that may slip by. This style boiler comes with the Weil McLain Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Buderus G215 Oil Fired Residential Boiler

The Buderus G215 Oil Fired Residential Boiler has the famous Energy Star Rating of 86%. This rating is one of the best for an oil fired boiler. This boiler is a bit different than the other two we offered. The Buderus G215 Oil Fired Boilers have a three pass systems while most boilers have single pass. The three-pass system allows the oil to pass through the boiler three times adding more efficiency to the boiler. Each Buderus G215 Oil Fired Residential Boiler is insulated with a 3″ thick thermal insulation. This will help keep the water at a much higher temperature even when the boiler is in standby mode. The G215 is made from Buderus’ own GL-180M material, which is a Cast Iron Flexible Material.

In addition to the energy efficiency of these oil fired boilers, this boiler is a low NOx residential boiler, this means that the boiler will emit less emissions. So not only is this boiler great for efficiency but it is environmentally friendly. The Buderus G215 Oil Fired Residential Boiler offers adjustable baffles and clips for the stack temperature. The oil fired boiler comes with a full swing door that is designed with the hinge available on the right or left side. The boiler has easy access to the plugs that allow easy maintenance and service. These three boilers that we profiled are the some of the best in the oil fired boiler industry. Dunkirk, Weil McLain and Buderus have the most energy efficient types of boilers. All of their boilers offer great warranties as well as great reliable, service and dependability. If you are looking more information on any of these three boilers, check out the fill articles we have here.

Check out the company websites to find your nearest oil fired boiler location. With these designs, the oil fired boilers don’t have to have a reputation of costing homeowners money. As you can see these oil fired boilers that we profiled can save you money. With homeowners trying to save money rather than spending it, the oil fired boilers are the made with more energy saving features such as the thicker insulation and the cast iron sections with push nipples and the captured seal system. These are not the same oil fired boilers from 10 years ago, these boilers can last you 25 years and more if you take proper care of them. Next time you are looking for a new boiler, consider oil fired you will be surprised at the money they can save you.


  1. I have a customer with a gold model that has a 7″ top outlet,115k BTU @ .95 gph. Can I down size the stainless steel flue liner to a 6″ without creating a problem or in violation of ICC requirements. The flue is 25′ vertical run w/i 5′ boiler to the chimney breach.I am aware of the 6″ being able to carry up to 1.25 gph , but it is the collat creating the problem. What does Weil McClain say.

    thank you , Stephen

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