The G215 Oil Fired Boiler has an Energy Star Rating of 86% plus. These days the Energy Star Rating is one of the first things that consumers look for when replacing an appliance or a boiler. The better the rating the more efficiency the product is. With the prices of everything these days going up, you want to be able to save yourself as much money as you can. The G215 boiler is one of the best boilers in the Buderus inventory.Buderus G215 Oil Fired Residential Boiler

The Buderus G215 Oil Fired Boiler has a full three-pass system. The three-pass system is an efficient system. With the single pass system (more than half of the systems out there are single pass) the water has three chances for the flue gases to heat the water. This system is unique because it allows the heat to flow through the boilers three different times. The boilers are insulated with 3″ full inches of a thick thermal insulation, this will help keep the water at a higher temperature even after the boiler has gone into standby mode. The boiler is constructed with Buderus’ material GL-180M, which is a Cast iron Flexible material. The material is actually silicone injected which will help prevent the boiler from corrosion and rust.
Buderus G215 Oil Fired Residential Boiler
The best part of the Buderus G215 boiler is that they come shipped fully assembled. This boiler can be installed as a brand new construction or as a replacement boiler. The jacket of the boiler is blue enamel with 3″ of insulation and the GL-180M. There is very minimal stack loss and a more increased efficiency. These days the name of the game is energy efficiency, the more efficient the boiler, the better the chance that you are going to buy that unit. The Energy Star is perhaps the most recognized rating system in the country. If the boiler meets and or exceeds the requirements that are set forth then you know you have a great product.

Some of the standard features of the G125BE Low NOx Residential Oil Boiler are the rear tappings and the flue connection to the boilers appearance. The boiler baffles and clips can be adjusted to stack temperature. The boilers come with a heavy gauge enameled jacket, perfect for reliability, dependability and they make the boiler look nice. For easy maintenance and serviceability the G215 has a full swing burner door that is hinged on the left or the right side. The boiler also has a front access plugs that let the flushing of the boiler’s interior.

The G215 Boiler from Buderus, are perfectly designed to work and fit with an Indirect Domestic Hot Water Tanks. If you don’t have a lot of space to install the equipment. You can match the G215 and the LT water tanks on top of each other. The best part is that if you are looking for a better water recovery, you can have the option of matching the boilers with vertical model tanks. Other systems don’t have these solution types.