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Buderus Boilers Model GW115WS


The Buderus GW115WS was created based on the concept of the G115, which happens to be Buderus Boilers best selling boilers. The G115WS was redesigned and also re engineered to be able to pull more heat from the fuel than ever before. In turn this will save you more money and more fuel. Buderus Boilers has been called the leader in the high efficiency hydronic heating. The company uses the most creative design and the construction of these boilers are made with only the most quality materials.Buderus Boilers Model GW115WS

One of the other aspects that makes the GW115WS one of the best boilers in the market today is that the cast Iron Construction of the G115WS oil Fired Boiler is that they can be installed almost anywhere as either a new boiler or as a replacement. The Buderus G115WS works in conjunction with most hot water tanks. The G115WS is made with Buderus’ patented Gl-180M flexible cast iron. The boiler sections are secured with beveled steel push nipples that expand when the boiler is lit. These nipples will help trap in any water that may escape as well as keep the heat in. Buderus uses special types of compounds that give a gas tight sealant for the boiler. This is efficiency plus because it will help keep the heat in and flowing to the right spots and it is a safety issue as well, with the sealant, there will be no gas to escape.
Buderus Boilers Model GW115WS
This unit is perfect for keeping your home warm and comfortable. The Buderus boilers will work in conjunction with baseboard heating, radiant heating or panel radiators. There are other system that will experience a temperature swing, this happens when you adjust the temperature of the boiler from one temp to another. When you use the G115WS, you have a Logamatic Control; you will eliminate the old temperature swing and get consistent heat. The G115WS is a 3 Pass Boiler System, this happens when you use a combustion with positive pressure fired boilers and the combustion chamber. There will not be any use of any refractory, which is said to be a heat-consuming device. There are boiler design will also provide a decrease in stack loss, this happens due to the three pass design, the heat can flow through the heat exchanger pass through 3 flue ways rather than a single or a two way flue.

The three pass system works when the boiler is lit and the flame is in the first chamber, the flue gases flow through the second pass to the front part of the boiler. Then the gases are sent back through the system and then the leave the system by the flue connection to the chimney or direct vent. There are three different models to the G115Ws Series, the G115WS/3 has a gross output for a chimney vent of 85,000 Btu’s per hour and a direct vent Btu’s of 74,000. Model G115WS/4 has a Chimney Vent Output of 109,000 btu’s and a Direct Vent of 98,000 btu’s. The G115WS/5 has an output btu’s of 136,000 and a Direct Vent of 120,000 Btu’s.


  1. Do you need to use a stainless steel liner in chimney for budares g115
    I am currently looking at replacing my old furnace . Note my current chimeny is in very good shape

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