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State Premier Power Vent Water Heater


The Premier Power Vent Water Heater is a 50-gallon residential gas water heater. What makes this style of water heater different from the rest is that the Power-Vent System from State uses a design that was made to help installations of these heaters more efficient. This water heater is equipped with a modular blower that has an electrical system that has 120 volt and 60 Hz.State Premier Power Vent Water Heater

The Unit has a combination venting of vertical and horizontal that runs through the outside wall. The pipe is Schedule 40 PVC, the measurements is as follows, if you are using 2″ pipe then you should allow up to 25 feet, if you are using 3″ pipe, allow for 65 feet and if you are using 4″ pipe then allow venting to run about 128 feet. Check to make sure that you have the room for the piping before you purchase a water heater. The Premier Power Vent Water System also comes with the PVC Pipe and elbows that are used to connect the heat exchanger as well as the condensate elbows; drains and PVC Vent Assemblies are also included.
State Premier Power Vent Water Heater
The Power Vent gas fired water heater also has side mounted taps that are used in the re-circulating systems in the water heater. The taps are hot water and cold water this combination allows the system to use water heating in addition to space heating and radiant floor heating systems. The water heater comes with the plugs for re-circulating and is shipped with the water heater. The Premier Power Vent Water Heater is considered an environmentally friendly unit. The Low NOx emissions make this water heater a Green Choice Burner. The water heater reduces the Low NOx and will reduce up to 33% of emissions. This also makes the water heater more efficient, the less energy the heater uses the less fuel it will use and it will save you money in the meantime.

The State Premier Power Vent Gas Fired Water Heater uses their own trademarked system called PEXAN Diffuser Dip Tube. This system will aid in reducing lime and other mineral and sediments that sometimes build up in the water heaters over time. The PEXAN Diffuser Dip Tube uses a polymer material that can hold up against a long time exposure to high temps up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This residential water heater also comes with a factory installed Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve that has a Maximum Working Pressure of 150 psi. It is very important to read all of the manuals when you purchase a water heater. The heater will last longer if you educate yourself on taking care of it and planning proper inspections.

There is a Six Year Limited Tank and Parts Warranty on this system. But like the manuals it is important that you read the warranty information to make sure that you understand how the warranty works. All water heaters are 100% certified and tested before they are sold to consumers. Consider State Water Heaters, next time you are in the market for a new heater.


  1. My condo unit, newly-built about one year ago, uses a State Premier Power Vent gas-fired water heater. It has worked flawlessly for the past 10 months. However, within the last week, I noticed a buzzing sound emanating from its blower assembly area whenever the unit is on. The sound has become a bit more aggressive lately, perhaps with some metallic rubbing sound as well.

    Any ideas? and any suggested course of action??

    – thanks, Dan Kir

  2. I had a powervented water heater, and the noise from the powervent got worse, sounded like a loud squealling noise, come to find out the motor was going out on the powervent.
    Might be something else on your though, but it sounds like it.

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