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State Select Ultra Low NOx Water Heater


WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe State Select Ultra Low NOx Water Heater is a gas water residential heater. The system was specially designed as a water heater that would eliminate the chance for flammable vapors to enter into the ignition chamber. This water heater has some really great features, one of them is the New Ultra Low NOx Burner System, and this heater was designed with this concept in mind. The burner is also environmentally friendly because of the low NOx emissions.

The water heater also has a new strong and reliable burner construction, the parts of the water heater are new and improved, and they are constructed from stainless steel or an inconel alloy. These two types of materials are able to stand up to extreme temperatures. The burner is a one handed pilot ignition called a Piezo Igniter. All burner and burner parts have been tested before they are installed into the water heaters. The Select Ultra Low NOx Water Heater uses a PEXAN material which is a cross linked polymer that was created to be able to stand up to a long term high temp exposure to temps up to 400 degrees. The Diffuser Dip Tube will help reduce the amount of lime and other sediments that tend to corrode a water heater over time. The water heater itself is protected by a powder coat enamel. The better the water heater is protected the more efficient it will be and the more money you will save.

Not only is performance a huge factor when buying a water heater but also safety is or should be on your list. Often homeowners’ concentrate on the performance of the water heater and not the safety features this could prove to be a mistake in the long run. If you know and understand how these features work then you will be able to help maintain the life of your water heater longer. For example, on the Select Ultra Low NOx Water Heater there is a flame arrestor that guarantees that the vapors and gases will combust inside the sealed combustion chamber rather than outside the chamber. Otherwise it could cause major problems.

The Select Ultra Low NOx Water Heater is easy to install and they come with an installation manual. But you should use a certified company for the installation; the warranty stays in effect when you use an authorized qualified company. This way if something goes wrong you have a better remedy to recover any losses. All of these water heaters are certified at a 300-psi test working pressure. State Water Heaters offers a 6-year limited tank and parts warranty. You should always read the service manuals and all warranty information when you have your water heater installed. It may be a good idea to keep all manuals in a folder along with the receipt and method of payment. Keep this folder someplace where you can access the information in a hurry if you have to.


  1. i am looking 47 inch(with out the neck part) 40 gallons gas water heater . i need some one to install it too.
    i need some one close to area code 77478(Sugarland Texas)

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