Bradford White has a reputation for being on the cutting edge of the water heating industry. The company comes out with new models to help consumers save more money especially in the cold winter months. There are 2 different models of the High Performance Series Water Heaters, the first is a 25-gallon tank model, and the GX2-25S this can actually provide 155 gallons of water in the first hour delivery. The second model, GX1-55S is a 55-gallon tank and can produce 200 gallons in the first hour delivery.Bradford White Energy Saver Gas Water Heater

Some of the great features that are installed onto the High Performance Series Water Heaters are, the High Input Combustion System. This system will create enough hot water for the first hour delivery for hot tubs and body sprays plus the standard whole house function. The High Recovery and First Hour Delivery are important to a water heater’s performance. The High Performance Energy Saver Gas Water Heating Models are lined with a Vitaglas Lining. This special lining is used to protect the water heater from minerals and sediments from forming causing corrosion and rust on the heater tank. The tank is also insulated with a NON CFC Foam Insulation, the GX-2 has 2″ insulation and the GX has 1″ insulation. This will protect the system and keep in the heat.
Bradford White Energy Saver Gas Water Heater
One of the designs that help maximize the amount of heat that travels through the heat exchanger is the Helical Fin Flue. This system also minimizes any air movement found in the heater when the water heater is on standby. The tank is made from heavy gauge steel, which is also a great inductor of heat. The High Performance Series Water Heaters also have Automatic Controls; these controls are used by simply using the touch of your fingers. There is a built in energy cut off switch that will stop any abnormal high water temperature for additional safety.

This next factory feature is standard on all of the Bradford White Water Heaters is the HydroJet 2 Total Performance System. This system is a cold-water inlet sediment-reducing instrument that stops sediment form building up and will also increase the first hour delivery. One of the functions of a water heater is temperature. On the High Performance Series Water Heater is the Optimizer Temperature Control System. This is a mixing instrument that has a thermostatically controlled mixing device that is pre-installed with a flex connector. This is a required feature not an optional one. This device will guarantee a comfortable water temperature set on a particular temperature. All of these features work together to make the system a reliable and dependable water heater. Bradford White is one of the best in the industry. Their products are made with advanced technology as well as a creative design that is used to help consumers save money. With the prices of everything going up, wouldn’t you want peace of mind knowing that your heating bills aren’t going up too?