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WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe Davis & Warshow Plumbing Supply company is know as New York’s premier source for elegance in kitchen and bath products for over the last 80 years. Whether you are looking for plumbing tools, plumbing fixtures or supplies Davis & Warshow is sure to have what you need.

Davis & Warshow has 8 locations to help serve you better, there locations are Manhattan, Maspeth, Bedford park, Mount Kisco, New York City, Soho, Farmingdale, and Westbury Long Island. There general operation hours are from 8am – 5:30pm in most locations.

Back in 1925 when Davis & Warshow became incorporated they started providing many services and products to make New York City what it is today. With changes times upon us D&W has joined the green movement with their “Practically Green” program they have started to show they have now are operating in a more Eco friendly way. They encourage their employees to car pool and recommend they use fuel efficient vehicles. One thing that separates Davis & Warshow from many other plumbing supply houses is their huge inventory or products from many suppliers including Smith Boilers, Taco, Tekmar Controls, Dunkirk Boilers, Weil Mclain, Slant Fin, McDonnell Miller, Raychem and many many others.

If your a contractor and need to get your supplies fast you can use the “will call” and simply phone or fax your plumbing supply order in and then they will have it ready when you get there. In their designer and elegant showroom they carry many high brand names such as Bates and Bates, Barber Wilson, Barclay, Hansgrohe, Hightech, Roma Steam, Splashworks, and many others like Stone Forest. All in all they carry well over 100 different brands and styles of plumbing fixtures and faucets. if you are in the plumbing industry you are sure to recognize those names of quality.

Davis & Warshow will also save you time If you are a contractor and need plumbing supplies delivered to your job site or plumbing shop with there fleet of highly trained delivery staff. Delivery times may vary depending on what location you are requesting the plumbing supplies to be delivered to. With Over 75 years in business Davis & Warshow is highly recommended for all your plumbing and heating supply needs by many contractors and consumers. They have done a great job providing exceptional professional service for the community in the past and it is their pledge to do the same for the years to come.


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