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Weil McLain Gold Series SGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler


The Weil McLain Gold Series Oil Fired Steam Boiler comes with an option of tankless water heater. This is one of the premier series in the Weil McLain inventory. There are 8 different size boilers in the Gold Series. All of these boilers are specially designed by Weil McLain engineers for Steam. The design includes a large water content for longer steaming times. All of the models in the Gold Series SGO Oil Fired Boilers are high efficiency with a rating of 85% and higher.Weil McLain Gold Series SGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler

The SGO Series Boilers include a Convertible Flue that can be installed in the back of the boiler or top of the boiler. The design includes 2 flue openings, which can provide more flexibility to the installation of the venting. If you choose the back venting option, the boiler comes with aluminized steel cap on the top opening of the flue. If you prefer top venting then you can remove the flue cap and install it to the back opening. You will get 2 special L Brackets to help connect the flue piping to either opening you choose.
Weil McLain Gold Series SGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler
The flueways on the SGO Boiler are able to be inspected without having to take apart the piping. Simple remove the flue collector hood that provides all access for cleaning and inspections. The boiler is equipped with a full swing away burner door. This also allows easy access to the combustion chamber to make cleaning and inspection easy as 1-2-3. The SGO Gold Series Boilers rely on the Cast Iron Boiler Sections to help prolong the life of the boiler. Weil McLain boilers have a reputation of lasting well over 30 years. The boiler’s heat pin design also contributes to the high efficiency of the boiler. The SGO has a captured seal system, this works when the boiler sections want more room to expand and contrast as they heat up. The elastomer sealant gives the boiler more freedom for the cast iron to flex and still prevent leaking.

On all of the boilers that come standard on the SGO Series Oil Fired Boilers are an Insulated Steel Jacket, designed to keep in the heat. An Aluminized Steel Flue collector hood with a flue cap on the top outlet. The boiler has a swing away burner door for easy inspection and maintenance. All boilers come with a refractory blanket and target wall in all combustion areas. On the SGO Oil Fired Steam Boilers you will also get a Steam Pressure Gauge, a Siphon, a Gauge Glass complete with cocks and guard. Factory installed 15 PSIG ASME safety valve and the boiler sections are tested for 15 PSIG steam Pressure.

The heating capacity from all 8 boilers range from 114,000 to 295,000 Btu’s and the Net IBR Rating ranges from 354,000 to 921,000. With the SGO Gold Series Boiler you can buy a Weil McLain high capacity tankless heater and a tankless temperature control. This device is a side mount double coil design that provides the boiler with outstanding performance. With this option you can heat throughout the entire year. You can keep the hot water in the boiler and it will not create any steam because there is no space heating demands from the boiler. How can you go wrong with a Weil McLain Gold Series SGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler? It has such features, it is energy efficient and it is cost effective. It is one of the best boilers in the Weil McLain Inventory today.


  1. I am choosing between a Weil-Mclain oil-fired steam boiler and a Peerless. The Peerless because it has no rubber gaskets, but I have heard that they are noisier. Any opinion? Best boiler, best service, etc. Thanks.

    • Hi Meri,

      I missed this comment, sorry about that, BUT what boiler did you wind up going with and why? If you don’t mind sharing :)

      Thanks so much!


  2. Weil McLain, makes solid boilers, peerless makes great boilers also,, its usually the mechanics preference, both are top of the line stuff, you will be happy with either choice. Our Preference is Weil…

  3. I have a SGO series boiler and i just started having problems with it. My pump got clogged the first time but i had it fixed. But now i keep getting this black soot build up that will not go away, and the guy has been to my house twice. What could be causing this and the boiler doesn’t want to ignite.

    • That soot is build up in you chimney. I had the same thing happening to me. Turns out my chimney was full of soot. I removed flue and vacumed out 2 garbage bags of soot.

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