If you are looking for an effective way to heat a cold room for an affordable price then the Delonghi Oil-Filled Radiator may be just what your looking for. This heater offers “ComforTemp” Technology which makes this space heater highly efficient and that means it will be cheap and inexpensive to run on those super cold days or chilly nights when you are looking for some extra heat.DeLonghi Oil Filled Radiator Heater

The DeLonghi Heater has seven oil filled heating elements that are sure to give you that noiseless operation. The ComforTemp Button will allow you to save energy and off course money because it automatically maintains the temperature of the room with just the touch of a button, its as easy as that. This unit also offers a low surface temperature because of its patented thermal slots that were designed to provide awesome heat flow. This oil filled heater also offers three heat settings for ease of use as well as to save you some money. Like most portable oil-filled heaters and oil filled heaters you will never need to replace the oil or even re fill it. This unit measure 9.1 x 13.8 x 25.2 inches out of the box and is sure to fit in the bathroom, kitchen , or even wood shop, basically anywhere that you will need portable heat.
DeLonghi Oil Filled Radiator Heater
Delonghi EW7707CM Radiant Heater can be bought at many home centers including lowes and many others and the price is between $39.99 – $45.00 depending on store and off course the amount of sales tax on this heater will vary by the state that you live in. If your looking for a portable heater that is safe, cheap, under $50, and most of all will give you heat on demand then this seems like a good choice. This unit does not offer a timer however so if your a forgetful person you may want to look into a space heater that comes equipped with a timer.

If you are elderly or even disabled this heater may also be for you as it offers Patented “Smart Step Wheels” that will help the unit roll freely on hard surfaces and ensure safe moving of the unit as well.If your worried bout storage of this radiant oil-filled heater the good news is that it comes with a nice wrap around cord design that lets you store the cord nicely when the heater is not in use to ensure fast access and heat if needed again. The DeLonghi Electric Radiant Heater has many safety features including the thermal cut-off which will prevent the unit from over heating, a nice rust resistant metal finish , as well as fully enclosed heating elements which will never have to be replaced. Overall the heater is a good value for the money and will provide heat at an affordable price with a sleek stylish design to fit any home, apartment or even college dorm room.