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Carrier Comfort 80 Series Oil Furnace


Carrier is one of the most famous names in the heating industry. One of their best selling furnaces is the Comfort 80 Oil Furnace. This is a high efficiency oil furnace with an 80% AFUE. There are 2 models in the Comfort 80 Series, the 58CMA and the 58CLA. The Carrier 80 Series Oil Furnace is one of the safest in the industry. These furnaces are built with 100% combustion and they are heat exchanger pressure tested before they leave the factory.Carrier Comfort 80 Series Oil Furnace

Adding to the safety factor of these furnaces is the Control Board. The Control Board has a monitoring system that is always working; making sure that the eating process is working up to capacity. When you install a Carrier Comfort 80 Oil Furnace into your home you are getting a furnace that prides itself on three main ideas, Comfort, Sound and Reliability. With any Carrier product you will get the comfort of a customized, heating system for your home.

The Comfort 80 Series is one of the best units because it brings a multi speed blower that will help the furnace bring to you a better heat distribution so there won’t be any cold spots and a more receptive unit. You will also get a low constant fan switch. This switch allows the furnace to let the low flow of air pass through the system. This will help stop and drafts in the home that are usually caused by air that is always circulating.
Carrier Performance Variable Speed 80 Oil Furnace
With Sound, you are getting a quiet operation furnace. Carrier installs their one of a kind combustion silencer into their Comfort 80 Series Oil Furnace. This helps keep the unit quiet. Also contributing to the quietness of the furnace, Carrier has an insulated cabinet that helps isolate the sound levels in the furnace. Reliability, Carrier is not of one the most recognized names in the industry for nothing. They offer reliability in every product they sell and the Comfort 80 Series is no different. So much research and many months of developing the right product to heat your home is essential. All units are tested with over 200,000 cycle of the heat exchanger and the furnace itself is run with 30,000 cycles.

Some basic standard features on the Comfort 80 Series are the Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger. This is a direct-fired unit that does not have a ceramic pre combustion chamber like other units. The Heat Exchanger is reliable and is tested over 200,000 cycles in the factory before it is released. Included in the Comfort 80 Series is an Aluminized Steel Secondary Heat Exchanger. Some of the other standard features includes Fully Insulated Walls, this will help reduce the amount of heat loss in the system. You will get a better efficiency of the furnace. A Barometric Draft Control System is installed; it will help with the proper installation of the venting system providing better efficiency.

As we mentioned there are 2 different models in the Comfort 80 Series, The 58CMA and the 58CLA. With the 58CMA get a heating capacity of 70,000 to 154,000 BTUH. The unit has a direct drive adjustable speed blower motor. The burner is a Beckett Burner. The unit is made from a 20 gauge steel with a baked on urethane base coat. The 58CLA unit, you will get a Thermidistat Control System, a heating capacity of 70,000 to 154,000 BTUH’s. It has a Beckett Burner. It has a Low Boy Up flow System. It has a direct drive adjustable speed stainless steel blower motor and a 20 gauge steel construction with a urethane base coat and a polyester topcoat. No matter which unit you choose, you are getting a quality, reliable and durable way to heat your home. These units are cost effective and will save you money in the cold winter months.

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