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Weil McLain Gold Series CGt Gas Fired Boiler


The Weil McLain CGT Gas Fired Boiler with Tankless Heater is one Weil McLain’s premier gas fired boilers. The CGt design is compact and perfect for installation in hard to get to basements, closets and kitchens. Unlike other boilers the CGt has a built in tankless water heater. With this design it will save you a lot of space. The water heater is easily accessible by way of the boiler’s front door.
Weil McLain Gold Series CGt Gas Fired Boiler
The CGt Gas Fired Boiler has one single model, CGt-PIN. The boiler has a heating capacity of 108,000 Btu’s. The Input Btu’s are 133,000 with an IBR Rating of 94,000. The boiler can hold about 3.1 gallons and the efficiency rating is a mid efficiency of 81% AFUE. The burners are made from 100% high-grade stainless steel. This Gold Series boiler is constructed to work with maximum efficiency. A contributing factor for their efficiency is the large venturi and their port design that allows the system to create the perfect fuel and air mixture. With a high quality burner system, this system runs more quietly and it also ensures a better combustion system.
Weil McLain Gold Series CGt Gas Fired Boiler
Another contributing factor to the boilers’ cost effective efficiency is the boilers use of cast iron sections. Cast Iron is a long lasting material that provides your boiler with extended life. This is possible because the sealant that is used in the boiler sections is made from elastomer, which is one of the strongest sealants used on boilers today. This sealant provides the CGt boiler with a permanent seal that prevents any water from escaping the system. But it allows for the boiler sections to be flexible as the boiler expands and contracts. With the Gold Series CGt Gas Fired Boiler it comes with two choices of venting. The first is called Direct Exhaust Venting and it uses the induced draft fan from the boiler to push out the gases from the flue to the vent. Then the air that is inside the boiler can be used for a cleaner combustion. The piping provided is a 3″ type AL29-4C and can be installed either on a sidewall or a vertically through the roof.

If that way does not suit you then you can choose the Natural Draft Venting. This venting style is used for homes with chimneys. This system lets the draft that is formed by the chimney or the vertical vent to pull the flue gases out to the vent. Basically it is an opposite operation that the Direct Exhaust System . This style of venting uses a 5″ Type B or corrosion proof material for the venting system. Depending on how your last system was set up and what style you prefer will determine which venting can be installed. The boiler could not function without the Integrated Control Module. Weil McLain specifically designed this control panel. The Gold Series CGt module offers a strong microprocessor that will monitor the boiler sequence and the boiler operation. There are lights that indicate when there is a problem and will show you straight forward troubleshooting. Weil McLain Gold Series CGt Gas Fired Boiler with Tankless Heater provide efficiency that will save you money on your heating costs. They provide venting options and sealed watertight boiler sections. These are just some of the reasons why the Gold Series CGt is one of the best boilers that Weil McLain has to offer.


  1. I have a well McClain gold series lp fired boiler. The heating portion seems to work great but I cannot get more than 1 minute of domestic hot water on a good day. I would like to know what direction I should go to correct this. The boiler is not too old 6 or 7 years. I can give you more information if you need it. I would appreciate Any suggestions. Thank You

    • Did you ever get a reply or solution to your hot water problem?
      I have the same problem now only I have no hot water.

      • Same problem. CGt model with tankless heater is less than 7 years old. Heat is working fine, but tankless household water is barely hot enough to take a shower, can’t fill a bathtub anymore. Probably need to replace the tankless heat exchanger unit ($615 part cost, that is almost 1/4 of what the entire boiler costs)

    • Mike it may be your mixing aka tempering valve connected inline off the tankless heater coil they go out of calibration and don’t mix in enough hot water , try having it changed

  2. My Mother owns a Weil-McLain cgt boiler its about 5 years old, recently the heating system was intermintinly heating even after it was satisfiyed at 75 degress and then would completly stop heating. Called tec they relpaced the thermostate. I beleve was the wrong one problem still exsisted tec came the next day said it was the mixer box. said they had to order it. they returned again and exchanged the thermo again this time with the same model we had in, honeywell focus pro th6000 heating system went back to working normal. they removed this mixer box and now she has no hot water. My thoughts are they did not troubleshoot the system properly. Q. could this mixer box have been the problem or was it the thermo?

    Please help we are holding final payment, we are looking for credit on the thermostate, and return the old thermostate.

    Thank You


  3. I have a CGT5 that was installed in June 2009. The contractor was terrible. He built his business over 35 years ago and now let’s his kids run it. Say no more. You all know the rest. The system is wrong for my home. Aside being installed off the kitchen when the noise of the venting is terrible, it does not send hot water to the back rooms. I am now working with another contractor trying to resolve the problem Wish me luck.

    Lesson learned know your contractor’s reputation NOW not in the past. And call in other contractors to hear there story on their unit.

  4. I own a weil-Mclain gold series 2, it just cycles over and over it goes through the light cycles properly then shuts down then starts over again. produces just enough heat to take a couple of showers every couple of days. vents are clear hose trap is clear. flame does not get proven, has new ignitor. circulator runs continously thank you Mike

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