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Carrier Infinity ICS Modulating Gas Furnace


The name Carrier is among the top names of the heating and cooling industry. The Infinity Modulating gas furnace has some really great features as well as being a highly efficient gas furnace. The AFUE of the Carrier ICS Furnace is up to 95% with precision temperature control as well.Carrier Infinity ICS Modulating Gas Furnace

The Infinity ICS is one of the leaders when it comes to being quite and in fact Carrier claims this is the quietest furnace you can buy. The gas furnace ratings ate 7 out of 7 for Energy Efficiency, 7 out of 7 for Quiet level and 7 out of 7 for Durability. This unit is equipped with IdealComfort Technology and IdealHumidity. If you are wondering about the energy star rating of this unit, there is no need to as it complies with the Energy Star guidelines and Carrier is also a Energy Star Partner. So you can have a nice and warm home or office and feel good about yourself because your leaving a lot less of a carbon footprint then most people with there outdated and non-efficient HVAC units.
Carrier Infinity ICS Modulating Gas Furnace
The capacity of the Carrier ICS gas furnace is between 60,000 – 120,000 BTUH, with a variable-speed blower motor, Aluminized steel primary heat exchanger and a serpentuff polypropylene-coated secondary heat exchanger. This unit is also available in natural gas fired and liquid propane models for those locations where there is limited utilities on site or available. The ICS is constructed from galvanized steel with baked on urethane based coating that is sure to give you a professional and quality shell. Some other great features this unit offers are a redundant gas valve, burner sight glass to make viewing the flame easy and safe as well as a heavy duty blower with an inducer motor that pulls hot flue gases through the heat exchanger to make sure that the unit maintains the correct negative pressure for added safety.

Carrier recommends that you clean your air filter every three to four weeks so the unit does not have a loss of airflow and become locked out. The ICS Infinity is factory installed with a disposable media filter that they recommend replacing before and after every heating season.

How To Replace the air filter on the Carrier ICS Infinity Furnace

1) Make sure that you turn off the power to the unit.

2) Remove the access door or panel.

The air filters are located in the blower compartment and you will first need to remove the main furnace door and then remove the blower access panel, in turn there will be two screws total that were removed.

3) Remove the air filter from the furnace by sliding the filter sideways until it is free from the latch.

4) Re-install a new air filter by simply reversing these steps.

The Carrier ICS Infinity 90% Efficient furnace is installed by hundreds of contractors all over the United states and its also a prefered choice by many heating supply houses as well.


  1. I am going to replace a Kenmore 90 efficiency furnace from the middle to late 80s. I also have an AC from same time period. Will it be a problem to just replace the furnace with a carrier and leave the existing AC. Also Should I go with the Carrier 92% High Efficiency single stage or the Infinity 95% dual stage? Which one and why? My home is 1000 square ft. We are not replacing the AC and opting for Insulation in the attic and new windows. Or would we be further ahead to Replace the AC as well and skip the windows. Also looking to replace hot water heater. Have electric, should we convert to gas or just keep electric?

  2. Joe: Hello! I was just wondering what you ended up doing here. I was looking to get central air and since my Carrier is 20 years old this year, I thought I would just go ahead and get a new furnace/ac. I was looking at the Carrier ICS and the Infinity 21. I know they are top of the line and was just wondering since I have a small house was this a little too high class for me. Janet

  3. well this is for j and j yes go with infinity ics gas furnace95% both of you will love it. get the ac 17.seer to you will not be sorry it will be around $8000 $9000 but well worth it.

  4. I purchased the Infinity system last year, furnace, central air, filter, humidifier, and thermostat. Carrier filter cartridges are very expensive $145.00. I can’t find a substitute any cheaper and was told you can’t make a generic one work due to some metal strips inside the original. The humidifier replacement pad cost me $45.00 from the dealer, but, I was able to find one for $12.00. One annoying problem we encountered, was the cold air coming through the registers after the furnace goes through it’s cycle. The fan stays on for the filtration to work and that I understand. This period of cold air is bothersome until the heating cycle comes back on. I have to check if the furnace can’t go to low fire without shutting off. Extended Warranty for ten years on parts and labor cost me a little over $800.00. My dealer tells me that service is only good for day service during the week and anything else will cost overtime. My dealer assured me that the paper work was forwarded to Carrier for confirmation on the extended warranty, but that was months ago. I didn’t go for the extended warranty in the first year due to the price. This year I was advised to apply because the blower motor to replace would cost me $1000.00.

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