One of the most common things that will go bad on your Hayward swimming pool pump with be the cover gasket or 0-ring. Depending on the model of the Hayward pump that you have will determine if you will need an o-ring or the gasket. Both the Hayward cover pump gasket and the cover o-ring can go bad from age or poor maintenance of the pump. Either way replacing the gasket is not to tough of a job.How To Replace Hayward Super Pump Gaskets

What Will I need: The Gasket Or The O-ring?

If you have a model such as the Hayward Super pump you will notice that your pump cover is square and if you remove it you will see that you have a gasket. If you own a model such as a Power Flo Pump that is made by Hayward pool products you will notice that the cover is round and when you spin it off, this pump will use an o-ring.

What you will need to do is to see what type of pump you have and then look at the pump cover. Once you determine if you have a square or round pump cover, you will now want to remove the cover. Once you remove the cover you will now be able to tell if you have an o-ring or a pump cover gasket.

How Do I Remove My Hayward Pool Pump Lid?

Before you remove your pool pump cover or lid, you will always want to make sure that the pump is off and unplugged. Just because the pump is off currently does not mean it is off. The pump could be hooked to a timer and then kick on when you are working on the pool pump. This is why it is always best to unplug the swimming pool pump when you are working on it.
Hayward Super Pump
Hayward pool pumps have different types of pump lids depending on what model of pool pump you have. The Hayward super pump which is made for in ground swimming pools comes with a square lid that has two plastic / threaded bolts that can be hand loosed so the lid can be removed. Most square style lids will have hold downs.

If you have an above ground pool you probably have a Hayward power-flo pump that is very common with above ground filter systems. This type of pump(Hayward power-flo) comes with a rounded styled cover that can be removed by turning it in the counter clockwise direction.

How Do I Remove The Pump Cover Gasket Or O-Ring?

Removing the Hayward super pump cover gasket or o-ring will require you to have a small screw driver so you can gently “get under” the gasket or o-ring and then pry the rest of it from the groove or over the threads.

The Hayward super pump model uses a gasket to seal the pump cover lid and will have a groove that the gasket will fit into. The Hayward Power Flo Pump uses a rounded pump cover lid and will have an o-ring that fits on into a groove to complete the perfect pump cover seal.

How Do I Replace The Hayward Swimming Pool Pump Cover Gasket?

The best way to replace the cover pump gasket on your Hayward super pump is to put the gasket or o-ring back the same way that it came out. If you did not remove the gasket or even the o-ring and have no idea then we will explain. If you have the Hayward pump with a rounded gasket which is called an o-ring, you will want to put that o-ring in the groove that will either be on the pump body called the volute or the pump cover lid will have a groove for the o-ring to go.

If you have a Hayward Super pump which has a square pump cover lid you will want p take your pump gasket and inch by inch push it into the square groove that is on the top of the volute and then make sure the gasket is all in even, making sure there is no high or low spots.

Once I replace my Hayward Pool Pump Cover Gasket Now What?

If you have successfully changed the o-ring or the pump gasket and you feel that it is replaced the right way, you can now fill up your pump with water if you need to prime it. Once your pump is primed you can put the pump lid back on the pump.

How Do I Tighten Down My Pump Cover?

Most round Hayward pool pumps with round lids with screw on or twist on. The Hayward Superpump models use plastic screw hold downs on each side of the lid. These will manually have to be tightened by hand.