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Dunkirk Empire II Water Series Oil Fired Boilers


Dunkirk has been serving the heating industry for over 50 years; their products are high performance and high quality. With the heating season here, it is more important than ever before to make sure that your home has a boiler that offers maximum performance as well as provide cost and energy savings. That is where Dunkirk Boilers come in. One of their premier oil fired boiler is the Empire II Water Series Boiler.

Dunkirk Empire II Water Series Oil Fired BoilerThis boiler was rated at 86% efficiency and has been described as affordable, reliable and one of the best in the industry. Read more to find out what makes Dunkirk’s Empire II Water Series Boiler right for your home. The best applications that the Empire II should work well with are residential homes, the boiler is a natural draft oil fired hot water boiler. The Empire II is available in 9 different models; the heating inputs of this series of boilers are 80,000 to 280,000 MBH. Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits that the Empire II has to offer. The boiler Cabinet is made with a heavy gauge steel that is protected with a baked on enamel finish. The cabinet comes with a factory-installed insulation that allows minimum heat loss through boiler cycles.

The cabinet houses an easy access flue with a brass wing nut. The benefit of this style of cabinet is that the accessibility will save you money on repairs and it will save you time.The Dunkirk Empire II Water Series Oil Fired Boiler offers Cast Iron Sections and Push Nipples. This design is common in a lot of boilers, it is the best way to keep the heat in, as the boiler expands the push nipples expand to protect the heat from escaping the boiler. This will allow for more effective and efficient heating. The boiler sections are protected as the push nipples expand they form a watertight seal through the boiler sections. Also included in the Dunkirk Empire II Water Series Oil Fired Boilers are Isolating Valves, these valves are located on the circulators and that decreases the need to drain the boiler system if the system needs to be repaired. The controls are easily accessible and unlike other boiler systems, you won’t have to take off the boiler jacket to get to them.

The boiler comes with a High Limit Aquastat Control; this high limit control will decide what the maximum temperature of the boiler water should be. This makes the boiler more efficient because you are not always adjusting the temperature and as you change the temperature constantly you may be wasting energy. You will also find a Taco Circulating Pump with isolation valves, a Combustion Chamber that includes a Target Wall, Ceramic Blanket and a Swing Fire Door. The Dunkirk Empire II Water Series Oil Fired Boiler comes with a 30-PSI ASME Relief Valve and a Beckett AFG Series Oil Burner.

The standard features of the boiler are impressive but there are also options available if you are looking to maximize the operation of the boiler. If you choose, there are Tankless Water Heaters as an option. These heaters give off hot water for domestic use with a one of a kind, special heating coil. Overall, Dunkirk Empire II Water Series Oil Fired Boilers are one of the best in the industry. These boilers are energy efficient and with all of the efficient features you cannot help but save you money. If you are in the market for a new boiler system, do your self a favor and check into the Dunkirk Empire II Water Series Oil Fired Boilers, you will see the savings start immediately.


  1. Have an older Dunkirk Blue Circle oil fired hot water boiler in a 2 bedroom townhouse apartment that needs replacing. Looking at Dunkirk Empire II oil fired boiler. Please call me to discuss particulars. Thanks.

  2. i would like to know if there is a conversion kit to change oil to gas for the dunkirk empire 2 oilfired furnice. mod. no. 4ew1.50t

  3. I need to replace mine. Where can I buy it. I live in Yonkers, New York, please call me.
    914-265-3461/ or you can call my plumber, Salvatore Marino, at 914-4909052

    Thank you

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