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How To Take Off A Loop Loc Cover


The Loop Loc safety swimming pool cover is easy to remove if you know how to do so. You will need a few special tools to remove your Loop Loc cover and to screw down all the deck or patio anchors. These tools will include the Loop Loc safety cover removal bar and the large Allan key to screw down the anchors.How To Take Off A Loop Loc Cover

There will also be some tricks and tips you will want to know before removing your loop cover. For instance, you will want to remove any leaves or debris that are sitting on top of the cover. You will want to remove the debris for two reasons. The first reason being you do not want all that extra weight on the cover and springs when unhooking the Loop Loc anchors and second, you will not want all those leaves and such to fall in your pool when its time to take off the cover.

When removing your Loop Loc cover you will want to make sure that you do not do this alone. Most Loop Loc Covers will require two people to remove the cover. If the Loop Loc cover is made from mesh it will be lighter then the solid Loop Loc covers, but the removal of the cover will still take two people.
Loop Loc Cover Installation
If you remove your Loop Loc cover the right way the pool cover will fit into the mesh bag that is provided when your cover was installed. The cover might look like it is not going to fit into that small mesh Loop Loc Bag but it will, have no worries. The pool cover in the mesh bag will be extremely heavy so you will need someone to help you store it away. You will also want to store your Loop Loc Cover in a dry cool place free of all bugs and insects.

How To Remove A Mesh Loop Loc Cover:

Mesh Loop Loc cover are lighter and easier to take off the swimming pool. The mesh Loop Loc cover allows the water to drain through the cover and into the pool. The solid Loop Loc Covers do not drain water into the pool but instead collect water on top of the cover. Removing a mesh Loop Loc cover is way different then removing the mesh type.

Warning: There can be a lot of tension on the Loop Loc Anchor springs. Always use caution and stand clear of the springs when removing them from the pool anchors to avoid an injury.

1) Remove all debris from the top of the Mesh Loop Loc Cover with a swimming pool brush or leaf neat. You can also use a garden hose to wash the cover while it is on the pool.

2) Take your Loop Loc removal bar and hook it onto anyone of the Loop Loc hold down springs and turn it 180 degrees and the Loop Loc spring will unsnap. You will want to unhook all of the springs at this point except for the corners.

3) Once you have unhooked all of the Loop Loc springs besides the ones on the corners you now can get a helper and remove the corner anchors. Soon as you remove these anchors be ready to start folding off the Loop Loc cover.

4) With one person on each end of the swimming pool cover pull the cover towards yourself and away from the pool causing the cover to “Fan Fold” over itself. Repeat this process until the entire Loop Loc cover is removed from the pools surface.

5) Once the cover is off of the pool you will now want to roll the cover up so that it fits in the Loop Loc Safety Cover storage bag. You can do this by rolling the pool cover like a sleeping bag tightly from one end to the other.

6)Once the pool cover is rolled up you can put it into the storage bag and tie the drawstring.

7)After the cover is folded and stored in the storage bag, you can get ready to use your Allan key. You will now want to take this Allan key and screw down all the Loop Loc Anchors. These Anchors are what the Loop Loc Springs were attached to before you disconnected them. To lowers or “screw down” the anchors, take your Allan key and turn the anchors clockwise until they are flush with the deck or the patio. You do not want to over tighten the Loop Loc anchors other wise when you go to bring them back up in the fall they will be stuck and you will be sorry that you forced them down.

Mesh Loop Loc Covers Vs Solid Loop Loc Safety Covers:

Removing a Solid Loop Loc Safety Cover can be quite different from removing the standard mesh Loop Loc cover. The Solid cover can collect water on multiple spots of the cover causing you to have to spend more time pumping off the cover before removal.

Some Solid Loop Loc covers have “drain patches” in the center or end of the pool cover. These drain patches are made from a black heavy mesh and often get clogged with small debris. The Loop Loc Cover is green so these black square patches should stand out very well. What you will want to do is to brush off these drain panels using your vacuum pole with a brush attachment. This will help the excess water on top of the pool cover drain through the panels. If after brushing the drain panels the water still does not drain from the solid Loop Loc cover then you might want to remove the patches.

The Solid style Loop Loc cover is also very heavy compared to the mesh type Loop Loc cover, requiring you to need help to remove this cover from your pool. Unlike the mesh cover the solid Loop Loc cover is also more Rigid and will be harder to fan fold as well.

How To Take Off Loop Loc Cover Springs:

To take off the Loop Loc Anchor springs from the anchors when the cover is installed you will need the Loop Loc Installation bar that came with your safety over.

You will then take the bar and stick it into the spring and turn the bar counter clockwise which will make the spring “unhook” from the brass Loop Loc Anchor. There can be a lot of tension on these springs so you will want to be careful when removing them.

Common Loop Loc Safety Cover Removal Questions:

Problem: “I can not find my Loop Loc bar or Allan key, where is it stored?”

Solution: The Loop Loc Allan key and installation bar was most likely given to you when you had your pool cover installed. The most common place for this bar and Allen key is either in the garage or shed. Sometimes the service tech will also put the bar and the key in the mesh Loop Loc bag.

Problem: “My Loop Loc Anchors will not spin down”

Solution: Most of the time sand will get in the threads of the brass Loop Loc Anchors. What you can do is to take your garden hose and rinse out the threads of the anchors with water. Do not use WD-40 or any other types of lubricating oils because the sand will only stick to the anchor threads. Using water to rinse and wash the brass threads will work the best. Once you have washed and rinsed the threads try again with the Allan key to screw down the anchors.

Problem: “I can not find the Loop Loc Cover into the mesh bag”

Solution: The reason you cannot fit the Loop Loc Safety cover into the mesh bag is because you do not have the cover folded correctly. You will need to fan fold the cover first and then you will need to roll the cover up tightly so that it can fit into the mesh bag.

Problem: “Something Keeps Eating My Loop Loc Cover When I Store It Away”

Solution: Ants, Bugs, and other rodents like to chew on the Loop Loc cover to create bedding so they can nest. It’s always best to store your Loop Loc Cover in an area that will protect your swimming pool cover from these elements.

Problem: “Where do I stick in the Allen Key on the Loop Loc Anchor?”

Solution: The Loop Loc Anchor will have a Allen key hole in the top of the anchor. You will want to just stick either end of the Loop Loc Allen key into the anchor. Once you insert the Allan key into the anchor, you will want to turn Loop Loc anchor clockwise to tighten it down flush with the deck or pool patio surface.

Problem: “My Solid Loop Loc Cover Will Not Drain Through The Drain Patches”

Solution: Take your vacuum pole and add the brush attachment to it. Take your brush and brush the pool drain squares / patches free of all debris. If the pool cover does still not drain you will want to remove the cover on the drain squares so the water can drain faster.

Problem: “How Can I drain the top of my sold Loop Loc cover?”

Solution: You can drain your Solid Loop Loc cover using a small cover pump or small submersible pump depending on how much water is on the pool cover. You can also use the drain patches if you have them on your cover.

Watch Be Careful When You Remove The Loop Loc Cover:

When removing the Loop Loc pool cover make sure to be careful of a few things. You will want to make sure that you do not over lift when you are working with these types of covers. Safety Pool Covers can weight hundreds of pounds depending on the size of the swimming pool. You also want to make sure that you do not cut your vinyl pool liner when removing the cover. Often the Loop Loc springs can hang or drag when you are folding the cover and could get stuck or snag on the pool wall. Make sure to remove the cover slowly and watch what you are doing.


  1. Maybe consinder re-wording step 4. It reads like instructions for tug-of-war.

    Hi Chris,

    That step was a bit confusing. What I meant was to make sure you pull the cover off of the pool but at the same time keep the cover “taught”. Meaning pull the cover towards you while the other person holds it tight.

    There is nothing like a “droopy” pool cover skimming the pool water as it comes of of the pool. This will only make it harder to get off of the pool.

    Let me know if you still have any questions and Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Hello Diane,

    Yes, let it air dry for a few hours to prevent mold from forming, Its always a good idea to wash the the cover as well.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.


  3. One of my anchors has always been very difficult to raise. The tool bends when backing out the post and now 10 years later the head has been ruined. I purchased a replacement anchor but the insert will not go into the existing socket. Is there any way to remove the old socket from the concrete? My hope is to put the new socket in the current hole.

    I know I can drill a new hole but that means buying a 1/2″ masonry bit and having to patch or cover the old socket somehow. I tried tapping the assembly sideways with a hammer but didn’t see any movement. Hard to get vice grip pliers secured to the (now deformed) post to put a crow bar under it.

    Seems like I need professional advice.

  4. I for one would be grateful for more tips regarding how to remove the loop lock from the anchor – i have the removal tool but i have a VERY hard time if i want to remove a few rings so i can get to the pool (install a pump, etc.) – what usually happens is there is so much tension on the loop loc that i can’t get the tool to turn counter clockwise – instead it slips out or just gets stuck. i’ve also tried kicking the spring with a workboot as i’d seen on an internet video to no avaiil. any advice would be appreciated.

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