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Top Three Loop Loc Cover Removal Tips


When the weather starts to get warm it will be time to open your swimming pool. If you have a loop loc or another type of safety pool cover, there will be a few things you need to know. You can easily remove your loop loc cover with a friend or neighbor. You will need a loop loc cover removal bar and also the safety cover Allen key to screw down the anchors. Even if you have all the correct tools and help to remove the cover, you could still run into a few problems.

Removing Loop Loc Safety Pool Cover

If you have never taken off your Loop Loc safety cover, you might want to read our DIY guide called How To Take Off A Loop Loc Cover complete with step by step instructions. This guide also has a list of tricks and tips that will help you save time when removing your Loop Loc.

Here are three very important things you should know before your remove your swimming pool safety cover:

The Springs:

Your loop loc , Meyco or off brand swimming pool safety cover is held tight with springs that attached to anchors. These anchors can be mounted into concrete or a wood deck. These springs are under high tension and can cause physical injury if not handled properly. When unhooking your safety cover springs be sure to always stand back from the anchor.

The Brass Deck or Concrete Anchors:

The safety cover will also have something called anchors that will be attached to the wood deck of the pool or cemented into the pool patio. These anchors are supposed to be spun down after you remove the springs and the cover. You can use the Allen key that came with your safety cover to spin these anchors counter clockwise until they are flush with the pool deck surface. If the anchors are stuck, you can use some water to wash the sand from the threads.

Storing Your Loop-Loc Or Safety Cover:

One of the biggest mistakes that many safety cover owners is that they store their pool cover in an unsafe place. The result of storing your loop loc safety cover in an unsafe place is that it can be damaged and the cost of the safety cover repairs are not to cheap.

The safest place you can store your swimming pool safety cover is in a place that does not have rodents such as mice and squirrels. It is always best to store the cover is a dry temperature controlled environment as well to ensure a long lasting life of the pool cover.


      • Yes, the anchors are in cement and are used to pull the Loop-loc cover tight…..Some of them will not screw up and down and need to be replaced, but I am having difficulty removing them from the cement….any thoughts?

        • Hi,

          There are two ways to remove the loop loc anchors from the concrete.

          1) You can use a loop loc anchor puller, which is a pool guy specialty tool, that can be bought.

          2) You can take a regular hammer and tap the anchors back and forth until they become a little loose and then work them out with a pair of pliers.

          Let me know if if you have more questions.


  1. Be sure to spray the bolts with WD-40 before unscrewing to mount the cover as well as when taking the cover off. WD-40 does a great job and have not replaced the bolts in years.

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