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Bath Fitter Review


WeT HeaD KnowledgeIf you are thinking about making some changes to your bathroom but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you should consider Bath Fitters for the job. Bath Fitter has been is the leading company for acrylic bath and shower products since 1984.

Since the company’s inception, Bath Fitter has left their mark on over thousands of bathrooms all over the United States. What sets Bath Fitters apart from other bathroom remodeling companies is that their products are designed to fit over the existing tub and shower. This concept will leave you with a great looking bathroom that can be done in as little as one day. There is more to Bath Fitters than just tub replacement. Bath Fitters offers great products such as shower bases, shower and bath walls, domed ceilings, and tub and shower doors. Other companies have a limited inventory of what they can offer you. One of the great things about Bath Fitters is that their products are made with a strong acrylic material. Bath Fitters is not just a company that remodels residential bathrooms but they have done work in apartment complexes, hotels and even corporate bathrooms. Let’s take a look at what Bath Fitters can do for you.

How Can I Get Started With Bath Fitter?

If you are looking to get started on remodeling your bathroom, the first step is to have a representative from Bath Fitters come to your home and do a Free In Home Estimate. How many other remodeling companies will come to your home and offer you a free estimate? You can either call the company located in your town or log onto their website and fill out a simple form with your name, address, phone number and a brief message box where you can tell the company exactly what you are looking to do.

Do I Have To Replace My Entire Bathroom?

No, that what makes Bath Fitter so great, the first step is for you to decide what you are looking to replace. A great place to start is to decide on whether you are going to replace the shower, bathtub or both. If you have chosen to replace the shower then you will have your choice of choosing 4 different shower base colors. If you have chosen to replace the bathtub then you will also have 4 different colors to choose from.

Do I Have To Keep The Same Style Bathtub or Shower As I Had Before?

No, that is why Bath Fitters stands out. You not only can change the color of the bathtub or shower but you can also change the shape. On the Bath Fitters website you can choose the style of the new bathtub or shower. When the sales representative comes to give you a Free In Home Estimate they will show you the different samples of what different sample are available.

Re-Bath vs. Bath Fitter

Re-Bath and Bath Fitter offer the same products and the same services. The difference between the two is that one may be closer in your area than the other. Both Re-bath & The Bath Fitter offer one-day turn around with excellent service and high quality products. Check out both companies and see which company offers you a better price and a faster appointment. Both companies are committed to serving their customers with the bathroom of their choice.

I Want To Re Tile My Bathtub and Shower Walls, Can Bath Fitters Help?

Yes, Bath Fitters offers some great choices. You can have your choice of Smooth Tiles, 4 x 4 inch Tile Patterns or 6 x 6 Tile Patterns. You can choose the style that best suits your bathtub and shower.

What Colors Does The Bath Fitter Offer?

If you are looking to replace the shower base or the bathtub then the available colors are White, Pearl, White Marble and Ivory Marble.

Does Bath Fitter Provide Any Extra Accessories?

Bath Fitter offers some great accessories such as new Shower and Bath Tub Fixtures. You can choose from Chrome or Polished Brass, the accessories available are Soap Dishes, Corner Shelf, Grab Bars and Shower Rods. You can even choose from Clear Glass or Obscure Glass Bathtub and Shower Doors. Bath Fitters offers you a great way to change your bathroom for a great price. They offer everything you can think of and more.

What is the Difference between Bath Fitter and getting a brand new bathroom?

By choosing Bath Fitter, you will be able to get more for your money. Bath Fitter has a price of around $1500.00 to $3000.00 depending on what you choose to to re fit in your bathroom. The difference is that with Bath Fitter you will have the job done in one day and you won’t have your entire bathroom ripped apart. If are ready to make the commitment then check out the Bath Fitter website and get started right away. You have nothing to lose; the company offers a Free In Home Estimate. Hear what the company has to offer you and then you can start selecting the perfect bathroom. Bath Fitter is affordable and they stand behind everything they do. They are the United States leading company in bathroom remodeling at a fraction of the price. With homeowners looking to make improvements to their home as well as saving money, Bath Fitter is a great place to start.


  1. May 21, 2010
    Bath Fitter (Bath Saver)
    542 Industrial Drive
    Lewisberry, PA 17339

    Dear Sir or Madam in response to your survey request:
    I feel your product is extremely over priced for what it is. The sales person was a bit pushy and unable or unwilling to negotiate any price reduction. I believe we were misled. This product is not worth the $5,500 plus finance charges we will have to pay. If I had to do over again I would not have gone with your product.
    The installer placed the shower rod too far into the enclosure. During my first shower I had no elbow room and was unable to turn around in the tub without hitting the shower curtain, this was never a problem before the installation of your product. When I called to try to remedy the problem two days after initial installation, I was NOT given any date nor time when the installer would be back to try to resolve my problem. I was only told that “they would get to it when they were back in my area again, maybe next week”. I also was told that the shower rod is screwed into the walls of the shower and that because of this they would be unable to repair the holes left behind, but only cover them. I think that for the $5,500 I spent on this system that I should get prompt service with a date and time when they would be back and that they should fix this problem as soon as possible. The installer who called me back, Joe Wade agreed with me that the shower rod should not be screwed into the walls because of the high price of the system and that an ordinary shower rod would do the job of holding up the shower curtain without making any more unneeded holes. It became apparent to me that this was simply how he was told and trained to install these systems. So after spending $5,500 I will to go out to my local home improvement store this weekend and spend more money on a new shower curtain rod that will not need to be screwed into the walls of my brand new, highly expense tub and walls. I would also like to add the fact that the clear plastic shower curtain rings that were given to us by the installer are very cheap and something you can get at any dollar store.
    For the amount of money I spent on your product I ‘m very disillusioned with the experience I have had thus far, and cannot in my good conscious ever recommend your product or services to anyone ever. I was told that Bath Fitter was the Mercedes Benz of the bath renovation world by the salesman. I vehemently disagree. I would recommend that in future installation the owner of the home be allowed to make a choice between the screwed in shower rod and an ordinary shower rod that will not add holes to the walls of the shower enclosure. I also would like to recommend that Bath Fitter give the customer some decent looking metal shower curtain rings to match the chrome faucets or which ever color faucet that they chosen. I think these small, inexpensive changes would increase customer’s satisfaction greatly with your product in the future. If you have any questions or need me to clarify anything I have written please do not hesitate to contact me.
    From a sincerely dissatisfied customer,
    Eugenio Portalatin

  2. The TRUTH about bath fitter. I do bathrooms on a regular basis. Sometimes 2 a week. I can replace your tub and walls with a new REAL tub or shower with new drains, valve assembly w/trim, install new tile backer board,& tile the wall area in about 2-3 days. Materials & labor for about $4000.00. A real bath tub & tile replacement should last 20 yrs or your OLD bathroom did. The problem with bath they do scratch easy, the tub liners fail, you sometimes get what they call a SQUISHER, where the water seeped between your old tub and there new liner, they stress crack around the drain area, & the special mildew resistant caulk does not prevent mildew. The only way to stop mildew from starting in the first place is keep your bathroom dry. Simple as that. If you see the mirrow all steamed up when your done showering, you need better ventilation. If you have poor ventilation, an hot water vapor is present, your always gonna have a mildew problem. The caulk will start to peel off in the corners where you clean regularly. Alot of people have experiened loose walls because they apply there products right over your old walls, regardless of what is there with double sided sticky tape and adhesive. Thats no way to get a lasting job. Acrylic products look great when there done, but will never outlast or be as durable as the bath you originally had. Bath fitters is a territorial franchise chain. There are a few different bath fitters (products) on the market. A well dressed salesman will show up, sell you a line of goods, makes it all sound dreamy.. gonna do it all in a day..and you wind up with a job that cost them about $600.00 in materials, they pay a subcontractor to come in and install it for about another $6 – 800.00 dollars, and the rest is profit. If you have any problems, your at Gods mercey to get it fixed. Then you hear about all the reasons why you have a problem, and how it’s not there problem.. They were there to sell you a product that they have exclusive rights to…period. Hope this post helps in your decision for a quickie bathroom job! I am Alan Dinsmoor from Ct, a contractor since 1982..if you search my name on any search engine, you’ll find me and my company. Ct residents only.

  3. We had Bathfitters redo our bath 2 years ago with the 1 peice fitted wall/tub unit. The guys that did our work/installation did a great job. They were very neat and cleaned up after themselves and the unit is holding up beautiful. I use the cleaner that they recommend and have not had any issues. Hats off to Bathfitter of Asheville, NC

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