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Dolphin Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner


The Dolphin is manufactured by a company called Maytronics LTD; the Dolphin is the original computerized swimming pool cleaner on the market. Maytronics calls the Dolphin the smartest pool cleaner in the world hence the name Dolphin. The Dolphin electronic pool cleaner performs any and all functions you will need to have a crystal clear clean swimming pool.
Dolphin Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

These automatic cleaners offer sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing and filters for your entire pool. What sets Dolphin Products apart from the rest is that these automatic swimming pool cleaners will actually scan the size and the shape of your swimming pool and then it will program itself to clean the pool in the most efficient cleaning pattern.

You no longer have to stand over your swimming pool in the hot summer sun cleaning your pool. Now you can let the Dolphin do the job and your only job would be to enjoy your summer. The Dolphin has 3 stand out automatic pool cleaners the Dolphin Advantage, The Dolphin Dynamic Wireless Remote Control with Caddy and the Dolphin Pro Remote Control 2011. Let’s take a look at what Dolphin can do for you.
Dolphin Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner
The Dolphin Advantage is one the company’s premier selling automatic swimming pool cleaners. This unit comes with a 2-year warranty on parts and labor. You may receive an additional warranty if you purchase the Dolphin from a dealer rather than straight from the manufacturer. The Dolphin Advantage is capable of cleaning an in-ground swimming pool up to 40 feet. The Dolphin Advantage contains High Impact ABS components, Acetal/Stainless Steel 316 Bearings, a Microprocessor Self Programming System that allows the Dolphin to access your pool and clean the pool in the most time efficient way. You will need a power supply of 115 volt, 60 Hz and a secondary voltage of 29V DC. The unit has a double wound insulated with thermal circuit breakers. The Dolphin Advantage has a ground speed of 50ft per minute and a scanning rate of 63 square feet per minute. The suction rate of the Advantage is 60 gallons per minute. You may be hard pressed to find an automatic swimming pool cleaner that works as fast as the Dolphin Advantage. The Dolphin Advantage is also available with a Caddy, making transportation of the unit easier and more efficient.

The Dolphin Dynamic Wireless Remote Control with Caddy is perfect for cleaning in-ground swimming pools up to 20′ x 40′. The Dolphin Dynamic has a 3-year parts and labor warranty from the manufacturer, buying from a dealer may allow additional warranties. The Dolphin Dynamic Wireless Remote Control with Caddy makes transporting the swimming pool cleaner from storage to the pool with ease. No more lifting and straining your back. Place the Dolphin Dynamic on caddy and start cleaning your pool. The Dolphin Dynamic Wireless Remote Control can clean with 100% efficient a swimming pool up to 40 feet in length and 20 feet across. The Dynamic will scrub, sweep, vacuum and filter your entire pool in just a few hours. The length of the cable is 66 feet so you won’t have to worry about the plug popping out. This Dolphin will climb the pool walls to get the most effective cleaning you can find.

With the Dynamic you will have three option choices, you can choose from an Automatic Self Programming System or you can choose the operation of cleaning by using the control panel and a joystick controller. You can set the automatic pool cleaner on the length of the pool, the cycle time of the cleaner and if you want the climbing or non-climbing option. This may help be more specialized with your pool cleaner. The Dynamic has a ground speed of 50 feet per minute and scanning rate of 63 square feet and lastly a suction rate of 60 gallons per minute. The Dolphin Pro Remote Control 2011 uses one of a kind; state of the art micro processing systems that will help the homeowner choose the most effective pool cleaning and you can spend more time in your pool rather than cleaning it. You will get a 3 years parts and labor warranty from the manufacturer. With the Dolphin Pro you will also get a 5-hour cleaning cycle and along with the self-programming scanning software, the Dolphin pro can clean your pool with 100% reliability and dependability.

The Dolphin Pro will clean your swimming pool floor as well as the walls and the waterline. This Dolphin has an extra capacity filter bag that can pick up dirt, sticks, pebbles and leaves with ease. The Dolphin Pro is designed to recognize walls and other obstacles that may get in its way. You will never see the Dolphin Pro stuck in a corner. The unit is constantly on the go. With the remote control you can set the pool cleaner on automatic or choose a more specific cleaning procedure. The Dolphin Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners are designed with the newest pool technology. If you want to cut down on the amount of time you spend on cleaning your pool, the Dolphin Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner Series is just what you need. As a promise to their customers, Maytronics LTD will never sell a customer a Dolphin that has been returned, customers are guaranteed a brand new unit every time.


  1. I bought the Dolphin diagnotic last week to whip my pool back into shape. My pool is L shaped inground 36000 gallon vinyl liner. I was expecting too much if your pool is very dirty with leaves and algie you need to clean it first.
    It does not go up the walls and it is quite a chore to clean the bags. It does not cover the entire pool but leaves many areas untouched. I am going to return it this weekend. I have ran it thru 5 cyles what a pain it is.

    • Hi Michael,

      Just curious if you purchased a different cleaner? If so, which one and how’s it working. I have the same type of pool and was about to purchase the dolphin. Glad I saw your post!!!

      • Listen to me, do not buy this product. The cleaner gets stuck on your main drain and continues in the same spot if doesnt get stuck. It can not find its way back to the shallow end when it leaves. Also, I learned cleaning your wall with a pool cleaner is a waste of time and money. For one the machine is on your walls way to long and another the sucyion is not good for the liner. I dont know what to tell you what to buy. I can tell you DO NOT BUY THIS POOL CLEANER!!! Good luck.

  2. I bought the Dolphin Diagnostic last Friday at my local pool store, paying more than I would have if I bought it on-line but with the assurance that I could easily return the unit if it didn’t work in my pool. I had concerns even before I took the unit home as Maytronics website indicates that the unit is good for pools up to 20 X 40 and my pool is 50 ft long. The manager of the store knows my pool and stated that it would be no problem as the cord is 65 ft long and my midpoint of the pool would allow for more than adequate coverage.

    The unit ran for several hours but after only 90 minutes the cord was so twisted up that the unit was limited in its travel. This problem persists even with straightening of the cord and insuring that the handle is flipped with each use to reverse direction of travel. The unit does not provide complete coverage – even of the pool bottom. The unit would clean the walls on one quadrant of the deep end of the pool but not the other 3 quadrants. I have a baja shelf that is quite large but the unit could not find its way onto the shelf.

    To be truthful, my old pool sweep did a much better job than the Dolphin Diagnostic. I really like the idea of running a low voltage cleaning system and spending the money to get one was not an issue. Paying for something that doesn’t work – now THAT’S an issue. Thankfully my pool store is run by great people and they took the unit back with no problem. I’m now on the hunt for a better unit; or maybe I’ll just by the newest version of my old pool sweep.

  3. Out of a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the worst score….I would give this product a 10++….
    I had written a longer post but lost it due to not filling in the complete email address….so I am not going to rewrite it again….as I have problems with both hands…but our pool is a rectangle in shape and it was super dirty this year….but the Dolphin performed so well…I am thankful that we purchased this product since I can no longer clean it like it needs to be cleaned….that’s my story and I’m sticking to it….

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