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Tuff Above Ground Pools


Tuff Swimming Pools has been in business since 1991, they area relatively new company but they have come up with the homeowners answer to having a swimming pool in their backyard without the cost of installing a huge permanent swimming pool that may cost you thousands of dollars. The Tuff Pools are designed with their own exclusive frame design and their claim to fame is that they are the only swimming pool on the market to have an inter-connected frame. This frame locks down the sides, top and bottom as well as the corners of the swimming pool. This provides a sturdy and dependable above ground swimming pool for a fraction of what the more permanent structures will cost you.

Tuff Above Ground Pools
All of the Tuff Pools have a fully functioning through the pool wall skimmer and with 1-1/2″ plumbing that won’t ever falter, the heavy-duty basket and weir. Each and every pool comes with a free installation DVD making the Tuff Pools easy enough for the homeowner to install. Saving hundreds of dollars in installation. There are two different styles of Tuff Pools, the Rectangle Pools and the Round Pools.

Tuff Rectangle Pools

The Tuff Rectangle Pools are constructed with the most dependable and durable frame in the portable swimming pool industry. The Tuff Rectangle Swimming Pools have the capacity for holding about 4000 gallons of water and the pool walls will never buckle under the water pressure. The walls are braced with sturdy and reliable brackets to ensure that your swimming pool will not collapse. There are 5 different sizes available in the Tuff Rectangle Pools, the 9′ x 21 x 4′, the 13′ x 21′ x 4′, the 13′ x 25′ x 4′, the 17′ x 30′ x 4′ and the 13′ x 47′ x 4′.

Tuff Round Pools

The Tuff Round Pools are designed a bit different than other round pools on the market. The Tuff Round Pools are equipped with just 2 metal hardware parts, one of them is the top rail and the second is the leg. The looks of these pools can be a bit deceiving, they may not look like much but they are extremely strong and durable. The Tuff Round Pools are available in three different sizes 15′ x 4′, the 20′ x 4′ and the 24′ x 4′. This pool has the capacity of holding 5000 gallons of water. These pools have one of the best warranties that portable pool companies can offer. These pools can come with solid walls or you can choose the swimming pools that come with windows on the side. These are pretty cool pools especially if you have children. You can see underwater and the swimmers in the pool can see the outside. One of the best features of these window sided pools is that when you close them for the winter, you will be able to see inside the pool. It is a great safety feature.

The Tuff Pools have the distinction of being able to be built in less than an hour. There are 4 standard steps. Assemble the legs and the lower parts of the metal frame. The location of the liner that snaps in with ease. Then you assemble the upper parts of the metal frame and the 4th step is that the pool is ready to swim in.


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