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Spotlight On: Weil Mclain


Weil Mclain has been serving the heating industry since 1881.

Weil Mclain Headquarters are in several places including Michigan City, Indiana with manufacturing facilities in Eden, North Carolina. With a combined global workforce of over 700 employees, Weil-McLain combines hydronic heating expertise with professional and remarkable service and support operations.

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The company carries a variety of products line energy-efficient heating solutions such as gas or oil boilers, A/C units, baseboard heating units and installation. They also service a full range of comfort heating and climate control units for residential and commercial usage, with many satisfied customers who used the products in the past years. A detailed product descriptions, specifications and user manuals can also be found at their website for easy access link.

Boilers and Furnaces
Whether you are home owners, contractors for residential products or solution provider for commercial use, you will find the proven history of quality and energy efficient products from Weil-McLain when it comes to boilers and furnaces (either oil based or gas fired). Nowadays almost more than 80% of home owners prefer natural gas or propane as the main source of heating for their furnaces at their houses due to rising cost of traditional oil on the market. Thus company provides various models with different flow system and accompanied by nearly 20 year period of heat exchanger limited warranty.

Air conditioner and Air handlers
Their residential air conditioners are well known for highly efficient and corrosion resistant materials. Also it is quiet and dependable product that will produce high level air quality to the home owners. There are different models of heating only, heating/cooling or cooling only.

Weil-McLain’s hydronic baseboards are operated by gas power and create less heat loss compared to other forced air heat systems. The easy installation for the home owners is another advantage, along with additional idea and versatility of install location choice. You can also paint the unit to match the color of interiors and enjoy easy temperature control adjustment.

Whether it is single family house or multiplex units including apartment, the company provide comfortable yet reliable heating and cooling solutions for residential customers.

When producing a hot water, there are two main methods that the company’s product uses:

Indirect fired: Using tank within tank design, the heating occurs at the boiler level and the water will circulate in a steel outer tank that is actually a wrap-around of an inner stainless steel tank. This way there will be an endless hot water supply keeps flowing through the pipe into the end faucet.

Tankless heater: This unit can be used when there is not enough space allowed in the basement. A tap water will circulate through a coil which is installed in the boiler. For both methods, a low fuel level operation will begin when the summer season starts and thus the heat system is shut off in the house.

Their commercial product lines are also popular and reliable in the field, and many repeating contractors and building owners/managers are proof of quality work and services. High level heating efficiencies and other benefits  can be achieved by the company’s commercial heating solutions, from design to installation phase.

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