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Best Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners 2009


Are you looking to find a way this summer to enjoy your swimming pool more? Why not try investing in an automatic swimming pool cleaner. These pool cleaners are the best invention for swimming pools. Now you don’t have to stand at your pool for hours vacuuming, with hoses coming from the pool to the filter system. Everything is self-contained in these units and they don’t have to be connected to your filter. With automatic swimming pool cleaners you can have a clean and sparkling clean pool in as little as three hours and all you have to do is plug it in or simply place it into the water.
Best Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners 2009

The automatic swimming pool cleaner will do the rest. There are so many different brands of automatic swimming pool cleaners on the market.But if you are going to make a true investment in one of these machines then there are some things that you should know. Not all models and brands are the same, some of these units are simpler machines that cost a lot but may not do an efficient job. So it would be a great idea to shop around and see what name brands are out there and which ones work the best. We have complied a list of the Best Automatic Pool Cleaners of 09. Let’s take a look and see what they have to offer in way or performance and cost effectiveness.

Dolphin Advantage Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Advantage Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner
The Dolphin Advantage is constructed with the strongest ABS components in the industry. The bearings are made from a material called Acetal/Stainless Steel 316 one of the strongest bearings in the industry as well. The Dolphin Advantage has a ground speed of 50 feet per minute with a scanning rate of 63 square feet per minute. The vacuum on the Dolphin Advantage is an impressive 60 gallons per minute. The Dolphin Advantage works best on swimming pools 20′ x 40 ‘ in-ground swimming pools only. The Advantage has a Self Programming System that allows the machine to map out its own cleaning pattern. This will save time and money, as the machine calculates the fastest and most effective cleaning patterns, you can rest assured that in 3 hours or less you are going to have a crystal clear swimming pool.

Orion Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Orion Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner
The Orion Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner is a lightweight automatic swimming pool cleaner. This machine uses a patented technology called the Logic Scanning System. Like the Dolphin Advantage, this cleaner will also take in the size of the pool and the shape and figure out the most effective way to clean your swimming pool. The Orion was designed to clean an in-ground swimming pool up to 20′ x 40 ‘. The best part about the Orion is that it doesn’t matter what shape pool you have, whether it is an Oval, Rectangle or Roman End the Orion will leave your entire swimming pool crystal clear and clean.

The Orion Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner will not just clean your swimming pool floor but the walls and steps too. The Orion was designed to vacuum the pool as well as scrub the walls and steps too. The Orion will not clog your filter and they even come with their own filter bags. The Orion doesn’t have to be hooked up to the filter they run independently.

With the Orion you can save money on pool chemicals as well. As the Orion cleans your pool it also filters the water better. As you place chemicals into your swimming pool, the Orion will filter them throughout the entire pool. Once the chemicals are evenly distributed you won’t need chemicals until the next time you use the Orion.

Dirt Devil Rampage Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Dirt Devil Rampage Automatic Pool Vacuum
One of the best and most recognized names in the industry is Dirt Devil. They have a great reputation for cleaning carpets unlike any other vacuum; well they do the same for your swimming pool. The Rampage is one of the best selling automatic swimming pool cleaners from Dirt Devil. The Dirt Devil Rampage Automatic Pool Cleaner has an on board computerized system working with a very powerful pump. This combination works well together because the on board computer system will figure out the best cleaning pattern and the powerful vacuum will execute the course of action.

The Dirt Devil Rampage is a residential automatic pool cleaner, designed for in-ground swimming pools up to 20 feet x 40 feet. There is a Wireless Remote feature with the Rampage. You can set the Rampage for either a full pool vacuuming or a simple spot cleaning. By using the Dirt Devil Rampage you can start saving money right from the installation. The Rampage will remove all of the algae, bacteria and germs from the swimming pool with the very first vacuum.

Pentair Prowler 710 Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Pentair Prowler 710 Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner
Pentair has a great reputation as being one of the top three best selling companies for swimming pool products. One of their premier products is the Pentair Prowler 710 Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner. The Prowler is one of the fastest cleaners in the industry. The Prowler 710 has its own water circulation system and does not need to be connected to the filter system. The Prowler can clean an in-ground swimming pool up to 50 feet.

The Pentair Prowler 710 can pick up any and all sizes of debris from the most stubborn leaves to the smallest particle of sand. The Prowler comes with a dual pressure wash system that was created to remove sand, silt and even hard to remove algae from the swimming pools walls and the floors. There are no installations or booster pumps needed with the Prowler 710. This cleaner is completely automatic and all you have to do is place it in the water and turn the unit on. The Prowler 710 comes with a 50-foot power cord. All of these automatic swimming pool cleaners are terrific in their own right.

If you want more information, visit their websites and see what other pool cleaners these great manufacturers offer. By investing in an automatic swimming pool cleaner you will find you have more time to enjoy the swimming pool and less time cleaning it. All of these pool cleaners are a great addition to the swimming pool investment. But if you want the most for your money, do a side-by-side comparison of the automatic pool cleaners and shop around for the best prices.


  1. Why can’t you use these in ground pool cleaners on above ground pools, I notice alot of them say they are safe to use on vinyl pools.


    • Hi Nick,

      Some you can use on Above ground pools and some you cannot, It depends on the suction power of the unit and well as the strength of the unit. Each company makes their own rules, I have no idea why……

      Hope this helps,


  2. I think its because in-ground vacs are designed for plaster, fiberglass, and other 100% rigid bottoms and could suck in, snag and damage the typical vinyl above-ground pool envelopes.

  3. hai this is manohar it was nice project…
    And i have an idea that can we make an automatic duster just clening the school board automatic when the teacher finishes the writing on board. and also can we operate through voice commands .. for example if i say clean the board so automatically it has to clean the neatly in fraction seconds, and halt means it has to halt.. so like wise can we make a project like this so, this will be helpful all sort of things like for teachers to professors. so please reply to my mail .. i will be waiting. well i am from india studying master of technology in power electronics in bangalore(karnataka). in oxford college. so,please ur thought about my innovative idea.bye i will be waiting for ur reply.

  4. I am a new pool owner and looking for an automatic pool cleaner. My pool is plaster finish and rectangular with rounded steps and seats. I wouls like a unit that cleans both the bottum and walls. What unit do you recommend?

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