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Pentair Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners


These days who has time to clean their own swimming pools? More homeowners are looking for ways to save time and money to keep up their swimming pool’s appearance. Hiring someone will cost them money and time, the answer lies with automatic pool cleaners. These machines will clean your pool and get it ready for when you want to swim. You can set them to run a full cycle and when the cycle is done you have a clean, crystal clear swimming pool.Pentair Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

You can set the cycle to clean and then when you come homer from work your pool is clean. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, set the pool cleaner everyday to keep up with the dirt and leaves that fall into the pool. There are plenty of automatic swimming pool cleaners on the market today. How can you know if the swimming pool cleaner is the right one? You want to choose a swimming pool cleaner that can clean most size swimming pools. You want a cleaner that can has a great amount of pressure in order to keep your swimming pool clean. Make sure that the company you choose to buy these automatic pool cleaners are reputable. Pentair has a full line of automatic pool cleaners designed for your style of swimming pool. There are three main automatic pool cleaners, the Prowler 710, Prowler 720 and the Prowler 730.

The Pentair Prowler 710

Pentair Prowler 710
The Prowler 710 is named one of the fastest and most effective automatic pool cleaners in its class. The Prowler 710 works separately from the circulation system of the pool. It is designed to cover your entire pool area, no matter what shape or form your inground swimming pool is up to 50 feet in length and that is a large pool. The automatic swimming pool cleaner is powered by a Jet Drive Propulsion System that includes one strong motor that works the cleaner and allows your pool to be cleaned in a very efficient one hour and in some cases less. Sounds good so far? Let’s take a look at some of the features that the Prowler 710 has to offer. On the automatic cleaner there is a dual pressure wash jet that is designed to remove sand, silt and hard to get algae from the swimming pool’s wall and floors.

The vacuum portion of the Prowler 710 has a strong vacuum that can get rid of even the smallest particles and the largest debris plus everything in between. The system uses an internal filtration system that will remove small containments and even bacteria that is lurking in your pool water. The best part is that there is no installations, no booster pumps or hoses to buy. The Prowler 710 from Pentair is 100% automatic. This cleaning system is Part Number P80710; the description is the Prowler 710 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner with 50 foot Cable.

The Pentair Prowler 720

Pentair Prowler 720
The Pentair Prowler 720 is like the Prowler 710 but it is more advanced. This automatic swimming pool cleaner is a computer controlled program that is designed to vacuum and scrub inground swimming pool’s walls, floor and even steps. In addition to its cleaning abilities, these pool cleaners offer an extra water filtration. Like the Prowler 710, the Prowler 720 offers a separate operation from the circulation system. It has an on demand cleaning mode that will work without the swimming pool pumps running. There is absolutely no installation, no booster pump required as on some other manufacturers models and no hoses to trip over. Simply plug in the machine and place in into the pool and watch it clean. It has a self-contained cleaning and filtration system.

Some of the great features of the Prowler 720 is that it uses an integrated filter that has been designed to decrease the amount of time that your main filter systems runs from. You can save 25% of the energy from the swimming pool pump and decrease the normal wear and tear from the system, making it last longer than most. This automatic swimming pool cleaner will work fast but accurate. The entire swimming pool will be clean in just 60 to 90 minutes for swimming pools approximately 20 x 50 feet in size. Unlike the Prowler 710, the 720 features an auto reverse feature that will prevent the machine from getting caught up in the corners of the swimming pool. The best feature of the Pentair Prowler 720 has the capacity of cleaning all swimming pool surfaces such as gunite, vinyl, tile and fiberglass. The Prowler 720 is Part Number P80720 and the description is Prowler 720 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner with 60 Foot Cable.

The Pentair Prowler 730

Pentair Prowler 730
The Pentair Prowler 730 is even more advanced than the Prowler 720. The Prowler 730 is a Remote Control swimming pool cleaner that will offer the pool owner the best automatic swimming pool cleaning they have ever had. This model is computer controlled swimming pool cleaner. It has a cleaner that you can program to clean the swimming tool from head to toe. It has a wireless radio remote control system that will allow 2 automatic cleaning choices, one is designed for the bottom of the pool and the second is for the bottom and the sides. How many automatic swimming pool cleaners can clean the sides of the swimming pool?

The remote control function lets you override the cleaning modes to perform a simple quick on the spot cleaning. All you have to do is place the cleaner in the direction, where you want your cleaner to go in and then press the button, it really is that simple. Like the Prowler 710 and Prowler 720, the Prowler 730 uses no booster pumps, no installation and no long hoses to step on. The Prowler 730 has some very good features, they include a two way cleaning settings. The 730 has a powerful vacuum setting that can take care of dirt and debris such as leaves or small sticks. The system has an incorporated filter system that is able to handle dirt and debris in a self-contained collection bag. This filtration system allows the filter to reduce the time that your filter is running.

The Prowler 730 can clean the swimming pool bottom and the walls in 90 minutes or less. The 730 has an auto reverse feature that prevents any hang ups in any part of the swimming pool without having to shut down the system and redirect the machine. The Prowler 730 can clean any swimming pool made with gunite, tile, fiberglass and vinyl. The Prowler 730 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner with a 75-foot cable. With the prices of everything going up, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to maintain your pool by paying one price and get your money’s worth it every single day. You can with the Pentair Prowler Series, the Prowler 710, Prowler 720 and the Prowler 730 can keep your swimming crisp and clean. These automatic swimming pool cleaners can only do so much. You have to do your part by testing your water’s chemistry. Make sure that you clean out the cleaner bags every week and store them properly when they are not in use. Summer is only a few months away, check out the Prowler Series Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners today.


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