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Argo Electric Boilers


Argo Electric Boilers is manufactured by ECR International, the company started in 1928 and have been providing the industry with high quality boilers ever since. Argo AT Series Electric Boilers is one of the company’s premier electric boilers. What sets apart Argo Electric AT Boilers from the rest, with the AT Series, you will have the choice of a 2 or a 4 Element Configuration and Modular Boiler Configuration. This system is designed for maximum flexibility.Argo Electric Boilers

The 2 Element Boiler offers a capacity from 6 kW to 12 KW and the 4 Element offers a capacity from 12 KW to 24 KW. If you want more power you can actually stack these boilers with a Modular Boiler Configuration with a capacity of 40KW.There are 11 different models in the AT Series; there are boiler sizes from 6 to 40. They have an operating voltage of 240 volts and a Net Heat Output BTU/HR of 20,472 to 136,480. All models come with standard equipment that includes a Painted Steel Jacket, a Mounting Brackets, a Neon Indicator Lights, a Safety Limit Control or a High Limit With a Fixed Temp.
Argo Electric Boiler
The AT Series comes with a Gasket, Heating Elements, Control Board, RTD Sensor and a Neutral Terminal, a 30-PSI Relief Valve and a Temperature Pressure Gauge. All electric with breakers that include a Circuit Breaker 15A, a Single Pole, a Circuit Breaker 40A and a 2 Pole with a Load Center Assembly.

The Argo AT Electric Boilers are 100% efficient and have operating temperatures between 90 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. With this type of temperature range the boilers are perfect for radiant systems and a hydronic heating systems for both residential and commercial applications. The AT Series has a Circuit Breaker Load Center or Power Blocks. The Circuit Breaker Load Center comes with an electrical protection system with a factory-installed circuit breakers. These breakers are designed to protect all of the heating elements and give added installation flexibility that may be needed to meet or exceed local plumbing and heating codes. One of the best features of the Argo AT Series is the Microprocessor Based Control Board. These controls are safe and efficient that work in conjunction with the elements. As the elements are energized separately with extra elements that work with the elements on an on demand system.

The AT Series offers a sensor that is connected to the probe in a well that is designed to determine how much demand is placed on the boilers. These are all signs of well-designed boilers, all created to offer maximum efficiency and cost effect way to heat your home. Argo has many different size boilers, but the Argo AT Series Electric Boiler is one of the best in the industry. You may not have chosen an electric boiler but Argo is one of the best and you won’t be disappointed in the results you get. Especially with eth gas and oil prices changing from day to day.


  1. Dear Sir,

    My Company has a plan to replace our water tube boilers with electric boilers.

    These water tube boiler capacity ranged from 20 tons/hr to 40 tons/hr steam.

    What capacity of electric boilers does your Argo manufacture?

    Appreciate your response.

    Warm regards

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