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Pentair Swimming Pool Heaters


It seems like the summer season gets shorter and shorter. We wait until May or June to open the pool because the weather isn’t warm enough to heat the swimming pool. But why wait for Mother Nature to decide when your pool water is warm enough. Invest in a swimming pool heater; they are well worth every penny you spend. You can get more out of your swimming pool and lengthen your summer season by weeks.Pentair Swimming Pool Heaters

Wouldn’t it be nice to swim in April or swim until the end of October? With the new styles of swimming pool heaters today, they do not cost a lot of money to operate. If you shop around you can get great deals, one of the most price competitive manufacturers out there is Pentair. They have a full line of swimming pool products that would be a great addition to your swimming pool. Their line of heaters is high quality, high performance and cost effective. The top three most popular Pentair Swimming Pool Heaters are the MasterTemp Heater, MINIMAX 75, MINIMAX 100 and the MINIMAX CH.

Pentair MasterTemp Swimming Pool Heater

Pentair Master Temp Heater
The MasterTemp Heater from Pentair offers a high efficiency, convenient and reliable swimming pool heater in the industry. The MasterTemp has some great features that you may not find in other swimming pool heaters. For instance, you will have a manual gas shut off valve when the heater is in need of service or inspection. The MasterTemp is considered to be Eco-Friendly and is certified as a heater with a low NOx emission and was designed to outlast other heaters on the market. The MasterTemp offers fast heat up, so you won’t have to wait hours to have fun swimming in your pool or relaxing in your spa. There are 15 different models in the MasterTemp Heater Series. Depending on which style of heater you prefer, they are models available in Natural Gas and in Propane. They range in BTU’s from 175,000 to 400,000 ASME. All of the heaters are CSA Star Certified.


The Pentair MINIMAX CH Swimming Pool Heater offers high efficiency heater with faster heat up time than most other swimming pool heaters. The unit is compact and will blend in with any backyard landscape. Some of the features of the MINIMAX CH swimming pool heater are the Composite Header, the fact that this heater was designed for high performance. The MINIMAX CH has a low profile design with rounded corners, so if your heater is out in the open, you will less likely to get hurt in you walk or fall against the heater. One of the outstanding features of this heater is that Pentair makes an Indoor Venting Kit so if you have an indoor swimming pool, you can install this heater and have a nice warm swimming pool all year round.

There are 18 different models in the MINIMAX CH Natural Gas Series. The thermostat is a Millivolt application and the BTU’s range from 150,000 to 400,000. The MINIMAX CH also comes in a Propane Version; this series has 18 different models. They also use the Millivolt thermostat application. The BTU’s range from 150,000 to 400,000.

Pentair MINIMAX 75

Pentair MINIMAX 75
The MINIMAX 75 from Pentair is a compact style of heater; it is lightweight and extremely efficient. These heaters are gas-fired heaters that deliver high performance service. These heaters can be installed with either a 40 CPVC material or an ABS Pipe. The MINIMAX 75 offers a direct spark ignition for easy and safe lighting of the heater. The MINIMAX 75 swimming pool heater features bronze headers, a quiet and dependable operation from the standard packaged burner system. The controls on these hearers are created with the homeowner in mind and are designed for easy usage and easy access. The MINIMAX 75 is a Natural Gas model with an electronic thermostat and a BTU range of 75,000.

Pentair MINIMAX 100

Pentair MINIMAX 100
The MINIMAX 100 swimming pool heater offers a small size heater that can be installed in any backyard. It won’t stick out like the heaters of a few years ago. These heaters have nice, compact designs that make them look good as well as perform at top-notch service. This swimming pool heater would make a great addition to any aboveground swimming pool or spa. The MINIMAX 100 features Bronze Headers, a quiet operation that will be great news for your neighbors. The heater offers a dependable operation from the packaged burner system. The MINIMAX 100 has a quick flange of 1-1/2″ FIP connections for easy installation. The controls on these models have easy access and they are so easy to use. There are 4 different styles of the MINIMAX 100. The MINIMAX 100 with Natural Gas, there are two models in this category. They are Natural Gas Models with BTU’s of 100,000. The only difference is that one heater uses an electronic thermostat and the other uses a millivolt system. Then there is the MINIMAX 100 Natural Gas with Cord. These are Natural Gas heaters with 100,000 BTU’s and they have an electronic thermostat and the system includes a cord.

The MINIMAX 100 offers a Propane Gas Series, like the Natural Gas Series they come in two models, one is electronic and the other is a millivolt system. The BTU’s are 100,000. The MINIMAX 100 Propane Gas Series with Cord offers an electronic type thermostat. Any and all of these swimming pool heaters from Pentair will make a great addition to your swimming pool. Sometimes the swimming pool isn’t ready to swim in by April and sometimes-even May. But it would be nice to get the most from your swimming pool. By investing in a Pentair Heater you will get your money’s worth.


  1. Have approx 30,000 gal pool. Main Elec box close to pool. Gas line too far. Tucson, Arizona climate. Which unit, including unit price recommended??

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    i need recmendetion of 80,000 us galon pool heating system, along with detail “way of instalation, product detail, waranity, pakistan avalibality, & etc”

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