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Pool Perfect + PHOSfree


It is so important to help keep your swimming pool’s water chemistry even. Some pool owners believe that placing some chlorine into the skimmer basket creates a chemically treated swimming pool. But there are some products out there that can treat your swimming pool with less harsh chemicals.Pool Perfect + PHOSfree

One of the best companies out there is Natural Chemistry Inc. The company began in 1989 with a very small office but a huge message. Natural Chemistry created natural enzymes with their first round of technology. Natural Chemistry prides their business in being ” green” and it has become more popular than ever. Natural Chemistry’s products do not contain any harsh chemicals, detergents or any other harmful ingredients. Instead of adding chemicals to your pool that are bad for the environment and bad for you, they offer a full line of natural products. Let’s take a look at what other products Natural Chemistry has to offer.

Pool Perfect +PHOSfree

Pool Perfect + PHOSfree
This product offers a no phosphate build up and it can also guarantee that your pool will remain algae free when you use Pool Perfect+ PHOSfree.You will also find that you are using the filter cleaning cycles less and less. You will notice that by using this product that you are not spending a lot of time on the pool’s maintenance anymore. Pool Perfect +PHOSfree doesn’t create water lines or ring lines around the pool’s water surface. Your skin will actually feel softer and smoother after swimming in a pool with Pool Perfect+ PHOSfree. You may ask why you need to protect your pool from phosphates. Phosphates can enter your swimming pool through lawn fertilizers, chemical and cleaners, rainwater and even from body fluids and waste. By using this product it will eliminate the phosphates from settling into your swimming pool. The recommended dosage of Pool Perfect +PHOSfree is one capful per 8000 gallons of water every week.

Pool Perfect

Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect
Why should you use Pool Perfect in your swimming pool? There are so many reasons why you want to improve the water quality of the swimming pool. By using Pool Perfect you can dispose of any skin and eye irritations that normally occur with chlorine. You will get rid of any strong chemicals odors also caused by chlorine. You will use your filter a lot less when you use Pool Perfect and this can save you some money in the long run. By using Pool Perfect your pool won’t need sop much maintenance anymore. Plus it will leave your skin and hair smoother and softer. The recommended dosage of the Pool Perfect is 100 ml per week. Pool Perfect will remove any remnants of sun tan lotions or body oils as well as hair products and make up. We hardly think of these things as we swim in the pool but there are many causes of why your swimming pool needs to get the right treatments every week.


Natural Chemistry Phos Free Pool Cleaner
By using the treatment PHOSfree you will decrease the amount of phosphates in your swimming pool. Algae feeds off of phosphates and when you use PHOSfree you are limiting the amount of food the algae gets and you can have an algae free swimming pool all summer long. Natural Chemistry guarantees when you use PHOSfree you will have no more phosphate or algae. Plus you will spend less time vacuuming your swimming pool and less time on any maintenance to your filter. You will also be enhancing the sanitizers to the swimming pool. By using all of the products you are choosing an alternative to chlorine and other harsh products that can cause skin rashes and eye irritations. You will notice how soft and smooth your skin and your hair will feel after swimming in a pool with Pool Perfect+PHOSfree, PHOSfree and Pool Perfect. Just follow the directions on the bottle and make a schedule so you won’t forget to add these Natural Chemistry Pool Products. You are getting a great alternative to chlorine plus a great way to contribute to going green. You are doing something great for your family and the environment.


  1. Went to pool store two days ago. Pool has been crystal clear. They said my phosphates were a little high and recommended Phosfree. I put a gallon (recommended 3,) and pool instantly went to cloudy. The levels were right on except for the Phosphates that they said were a little high. The store is Leslies and they have a Ultra Brite product that is a enhancer that I added today and think it is getting worse. Super bummed as we spent $800 on new filters and a pool company to get it going first part of the year (we just added a salt system this spring.)
    Any recommendations would be great. I can’t believe a paid $45.00 to jack up the pool again with Phosfree. I know it was that product as again it was crystal clear (you could see a rock pebble in the deep end,) and now is a foggy mess again. It is a 25k gallon pool.

    • I am not convinced it is phosfree that made your pool cloudy. I had high phosphate levels and used phosfree and had no issues and the phosphate levels decreased. I know other products to remove phosphates will cloud your water but have never experienced that with phosfree. I would recommend you clean your filters and see if your water clears up.

  2. I used the product last year and it worked wonders. I’m starting on it again this year and I’m hoping for the same results. It cut down on my use of algacide, cholorine and keeping my levels stabilized. Again its alittle expensie, but I saved alot in the end with the other chemicals I had to puerchase. Be warned, it takes about two or three weeks for it to go crystal clear. Follow the schedule and amounts on the bottle.

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