If you need to remove the “wet end” or commonly known as the pump housing on your Hayward Super pump you will need a 9/16″ open end wrench or a 9/16″ socket. Once you have a wrench or a socket you will want to turn the 9/16″ bolt on the Hayward pump housing counter clockwise(to the left) until it spins all the way out of the housing. There are four 9/16″ bolts in total that you will need to remove from the pump before you can remove the housing. Each one of the Hayward pump housing bolts are on each corner of the housing. Before you loosen all of the bolts you will want to remove one of the drain plugs on the pump housing if there is water inside of your pump. Once you remove all four of the bolts the pump housing will separate from the motor of the pump. You will now be able to see the pumps diffuser and the impeller.

Unbolting The Hayward SuperPump Pump Housing