The washing machine is one of the most useful home appliances, requiring regular maintenance and cleaning like any other similar device. Cleaning the exterior parts of a washing machine is simple enough. But, one may be completely at a loss while trying to clean the insides of this electrical appliance. Here are the basic instructions for keeping a washing machine clean both on the inside and out.

Washing Machine Picture

Things required for Cleaning the Washing Machine

  • Borax
  • Vinegar or Lime Juice
  • Paper Towels
  • Spray Cleaner
  • Bucket
  • Q-tips
  • Vacuum along with Hose Attachment

One should make sure to unplug the washing machine before proceeding to clean it. Attempting to clean the washing machine while it is still plugged in can result in electrocution.

Steps for Effectively Cleaning a Washing Machine

  • If a person is wondering how to clean a washing machine, then the best way to start is by spraying and wiping down the sides, front and top of the machine with a paper towel. This simple step would be effective enough to change the entire appearance of the machine.
  • The next step is most crucial as it involves cleaning the machine from the inside. By spraying the cleaner a couple of times on the paper towels, the underside of the lid and the washer lip can be wiped thoroughly in order to get rid of the dirt.
  • In the next step, one needs to clean the washer basins. However, this does not involve much effort as all the hard work is done by the machine. Several cycles need to be run for cleaning the machine completely.
  • One of the vital steps of cleaning a washing machine is to fill it with hot water and select largest load setting. The rust and odor problems can be taken care of easily by adding two cups of lime juice and two cups of vinegar to the water. One should make sure to run at least one cycle with each component.
  • After that, one should allow one complete run of rinse and wash cycle. Once this step is complete, the washer needs to be filled for the 2nd time on largest load setting with hot water. This time two cups of bleach needs to be added as it helps in effective stain removal. Then, the machine needs to run one complete rinse and wash cycle.
  • If it seems that stains are no more present, an additional cycle needs to be run only in plain water. This helps to get rid of the residues thoroughly. Then comes the part where one needs to remove the fabric softener, dispenser, and bleach dispenser so that they can be soaked in warm water.
  • The dirt accumulated in the machine loosens up after being soaked in hot water for some time. One can use paper towels to clean the dirt while spray cleaners can be used for spraying dispensers. Dirt from impervious areas and corners can be easily removed with the help of Q-tips.
  • The dispensers can be attached to their original places after drying them properly.

The above are some of the basic steps which people need to know for cleaning their washing machines. However, there is another thing which needs attention. Dust and dirt always tend to accumulate behind the dryer and washer. It is essential to vacuum such areas thoroughly, especially from electric outlet areas and cords. The steps should be followed on a periodic basis so that any possible fire hazard can be avoided. For those concerned about how to clean the washing machine from stubborn stains, the best idea is to use products specifically manufactured for cleaning the insides of the machines. Natural cleaners can be used for getting rid of any odor or fungus present in clothes after they are washed in the machine.