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ECONAR GeoSource Vara 2 Plus Heat Pump


ECONAR has a reputation for providing homes with the most cost effective and energy efficient products in the industry. They have a full inventory of heat pumps that provide the best cooling and heating needs.

One of the premier models is the GeoSource Vara 2 Plus Heat Pump. This heat pump comes with a two-stage compressor that utilizes the R-410A refrigerant to make the heat pump run more effectively.

The company has been in business for over 20 years, they have been providing heat pumps all over the United States with high quality and high performance operation. Let’¢s take a look at the features and the specifications of the GeoSource Vara 2 Plus Heat Pumps and see why this system would make a great addition to your home. With this system you will find they work great with a gas furnace and other systems. This unit comes with a two-step scroll compressor. This special compressor will take control of the heating and cooling that best suits the home or buildings load. The unit runs on the most efficient capacity when it comes to the cold or heat seasons the second stage of the compressor will work at its best to provide the ultimate heating or cooling temperatures.

This unit uses ECONAR uses their patented Cold Climate technology, this comes into play when the unit is using the first stage of the compressor to take more control of the systems operation and the home’s needs. As we mentioned earlier this unit uses the required R-410A refrigerant. This R-410A does not contain any of the ozone depleting chemicals as some other refrigerant uses.

ECONAR GeoSource Vara 2 Plus Heat Pump Specifications

With the ECONAR GeoSource Vara 2 Plus Heat Pump, it works on the Ground Loop System. There are 8 different models with the Vara 2 Plus. The CFM’s range from 910 to 2,250. The Heating Capacities with a 32 degree Fahrenheit system’s BTU ranges from 38,000 to 75,000. The Heating Capacity with 41 degrees Fahrenheit ranges from 23,600 to 58,000. For the Cooling, the capacity is 77 degrees Fahrenheit ranges from 38,000 BTUsto 75,000 and the Cooling Capacity of 68 degrees Fahrenheit is 30,300 BTU’s to 63,000 BTUs. These are very powerful units. They can and will get the job done for you. You will also find this unit comes with a standard Thermostat that works with a 3 stage heat pump and 2 stage pumps. The Blower on this unit is variable speed ECM motor that will provide a nice quiet operation.

The ECONAR GeoSource Vara 2 Plus Heat Pump System would make a cost effective and energy efficient way to heat and cool your home no matter what your states climate is. These units contain features like the Reversing Valves, Air Pads, Filter and Drier Systems. They have everything you need and more to create a temperature controlled climate all year round. If you are looking to purchase a Vara 2 Plus System log onto the ECONAR website and find the nearest dealer. If you are just looking for information, the website has plenty of information on the Vara 2 Plus or other units.

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