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Yard Machines 22 inch Dual Stage Gas Snow Thrower


Yard Machines 22 inch snowblowerThere are different kinds of snow removal machines, there are electric and there are gas snow removal machines. If you live in an area where you get snow on a daily basis in the winter, then you may want to take a look into buying a snow thrower. A different kind of snow thrower is called Yard Machines and one of the best machines is the 179 cc 22 inch Dual Stage Gas Snow Thrower. With a gas snow thrower you won’t have to worry about running over the cord. This snow thrower is effective and efficient.

You can now clear the snow off your sidewalks or driveways with ease. If you are tired of standing out there in the cold for longer than you should be or maybe you are tired of muscle aches and pains you get after you come in from shoveling. Then you need a snow thrower that is going to save you time and energy. Let’s take a look at the Yard Machines 179vv 22″ Dual Stage Gas Snow Thrower and see what specifications and features that it has to offer.

The features of the Yard Machine Dual Stage Gas Snow Thrower are the overhead valve engine. This engine design is meant for a more cooler and quieter operation too. This Yard Machine Snow Thrower uses a 4-cycle engine that will eliminate the annoying gas and oil mixing that you have to do with out snow removal machines. This machine has a single forward speed that will assist as you move the machine through the snow faster and more effectively. Since this is a smaller sized machine and more compact than others, you will have no trouble fitting this Yard Machine into the garage or shed area.

Yard Machines 179cc 22″ Dual Stage Gas Snow Thrower Specifications

The specifications of these machines are that it is a dual stage machine with a manual starter. This machine has a clearing capacity of 22.0 inches with an intake height of 16.0 inches. The engine size is 179 cc, a very powerful machine that is easy to maneuver. This Dual Stage Gas Snow Thrower has a Crank Pitch and Chute Control. The tire sizes on this machine have 10 x 4 tire sizes. It has a single forward speed and a no reverse speed. The fuel capacity is gas and the tank can hold .05 gallons of gas. It is recommended that you use SAE30 for this snow thrower.

The auger measure in at 9 inches and it is made of a strong and reliable Steel material. This is a 4-cycle engine and it works well in light snow or heavy snow. This is a wheel driven machine with a 2 year limited warranty from Yard Machines. This snow thrower is not Energy Star Rated or CSA Certified. This machine would work great for homeowners and business owners who spend hours clearing out the sideways for their customers. You can find the Yard Machines 179cc 22″ Dual Stage Gas Snow Thrower at your Lowe’s Home Improvement. This machine is $529.00 and it is available on their website. Why wait until the last minute to buy a snow thrower, shop smart and shop early. Check out this snow thrower, you will be amazed at how much time you will save with this machine.

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