WeT HeaD KnowledgeIf you live in a state that has huge amount of snow every year, wouldn’t it be nice to have a snow thrower besides you shoveling? Now you can, in states like Minnesota and Upstate New York who has large snowfalls, homeowners can benefit from a heavy-duty snow thrower. Most homeowners and business owners dread the winter, the snow in particularly. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have a machine that can handle all of the snow that winter has to throw at us?

There are hundreds of them on the market but one of the best is the Ariens Compact Two Stage 24″ inch Electric Start Snow Thrower. This snow thrower is model number 920006 and can be found in your local Home Depot Home Improvement Stores. Let’s take a look and see what the Ariens Compact Two Stage 24 inch Electric Start Snow Thrower has to offer in features and specifications. The Ariens Compact Two Stage Snow Thrower is designed to help homeowners and business owners move snow more efficiently and effectively. Don’t be intimidated by the sheer size and power of this snow blower. It handles surprisingly easy so any one can use it. The Ariens Compact Two Stage 24″ Electric Start Snow Thrower will create 2 feet of clear space, free from snow. You can use this on your driveway or on sidewalks. It works great if you have to dig out your car on a street. If you are business owner, you can clear parking lots and sidewalks for your employees and customers. You will never hear someone complain that the snow thrower did not do their job.

Ariens Compact Two Stage 24 inch Electric Start Snow Thrower Specifications

Some of the specification of this heavy duty, powerful snow thrower is the engine is a 205 cc Briggs and Stratton Engine. This is an electric start snow thrower and it is wired for a 120-volt power supply and it has recoil back up as well. There are 6 different speeds and two are reverse speeds. This snow thrower can move a lot of snow in less time it would take a less snow thrower and definitely in more time it would take to shovel. This snow thrower comes with factory installed serrated augers that with the engine power behind it will move the snow with a show of force that it will take you less time to use this machine than any other.

If you are tired of shoveling the snow and breaking your back every time it snows. Then consider the Ariens Compact Two Stage 24 inch Electric Start Snow Thrower. You can find this model in Home Depot. The machine costs about $ 799.00 but think of the time and medical bills it will save you from sprained backs and muscles. Do some research and find other snow throwers and see the engine power and the size of the path the other throwers will create. This is one of the best snow throwers out there. It would make a great investment.