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Toilet Repair Prices


Toilet Repair Prices

Licensed Plumber Hourly Rate $65 – $75 per hour.

The hourly rate mentioned above should include the plumber showing up with his own truck, helper and all the tools need to do the job. This is not to be confused with the hourly rate for a plumbing employee.

Toilet Repair Prices Broken Down

Toilet Removal $75

This would include shutting of the water to the toilet, removing the Johnnie bolts, removing the water supply to the toilet, removing the wax toilet ring and draining the toilet free of water.

Replace & Rebuild Inner Toilet Workings: $75 + parts

Prices for the parts could vary depending on what brand of toilet you have. Inner toilet parts can range from $5 – $50 depending on what needs to be replaced. Always ask the plumber for this price as well before giving the OK to do the work.

Install New Toilet $75 + parts

This is the price to install a new toilet when the existing one has been removed or to install a new toilet in a new bathroom that the plumbing already been roughed. Parts may include a new wax seal, toilet supply or possibly a shit off valve if one is already not installed.

Remove & Replace Toilet $125

This is the price that the plumber should charge you if he is going to remove your toilet and then replace the same existing toilet. This price will generally include snaking the toilet trap as well to remove the blockage.

Snake Toilet $75 or less (depending if plumber charges 1/ 2 hour rates)

This is the price you should pay the plumber if he uses a hand snake to clear the stoppage inside of the trap in your toilet. This price would not include removal or replacement of the toilet.


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