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Weil McLain Oil Fired Boilers Buyers Guide


Looking for an energy efficient way to heat your home? Weil McLain has a great inventory of oil-fired boilers. These oil fired boilers if purchased and installed before December 31, 2010, you are eligible for a federal tax credit.Weil McLain Oil Fired Boiler You can receive up to $ 1500 in federal tax credits off next year’s tax return. Another incentive to looking to purchase a new oil fired boiler is the Appliance stimulus Package, for those of you that have not hear of this, it is a Cash For Appliances rebate program. If you purchase an Energy Star Appliance, you can receive a rebate from anywhere from $ 50 to $ 200, depending on how much money your state is allotted.

Finding an oil-fired boiler has monthly benefits as well as monetary benefits from purchasing one at the right time. Some of the best of the oil-fired boilers belong to Weil McLain; the top three oil-fired boilers are the Gold Series WGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler, Weil McLain Gold Series SGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler and the Weil McLain Series 80 Commercial Boilers. Let’s take a look at each one and see which Weil McLain will be the best purchase for your home or business. The Weil McLain Gold Series WGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler is a dedicated water only boiler. It is available in 8 different sizes. The input BTU’s on these oil fired boilers range from 75,000 to 257,000. When you purchase the Weil McLain WGO Series, you will need to use a Number 2 Fuel Oil, this will help ensure a smoother boiler operation and it will increase the life span of the boiler when you use the right oil. This Series of Oil Fired Boilers have an impressive 85% AFUE and some in the series are slightly higher.

On the WGO Series you will find that it has an Easy To Inspect Access and a Top Cleaning Unit. The flueways are easy to see and easy to clean, these boilers are relatively low maintenance if you pay attention to the way the unit is running. One of the great features of this oil-fired boiler are the heat pins, these pins can provide the boiler the specific paths for the flue brush to travel through. With this unit you will get maximum operation. There are factory installed Cast Iron Boiler Sections that are used to help elongate the life of the boiler.

Weil McLain Gold Series SGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler
Weil McLain Gold Series SGO Oil Fired Steam Boiler
The SGO Oil Fired Boilers are one of the premier selling oil fired boilers in the Weil McLain inventory. There are 8 different sized SGO Boilers in the Series; they are all 85% high efficiency and better. They would qualify for the federal tax credit offered by the federal government. Each boiler comes with an option for a tankless water heater. These boilers are designed fro steam application, the design of the boiler makes it possible to hold large amounts of water content that offers longer steam time.

The heating capacity of the 8 SGO Oil Fired Boilers range from 114,000 BTU to 295,000 BTU’s. The Net IBR Rating on these boilers range from 354,000 BTU’s to 921,000 Btu’s. All of these boilers are insulated with a steel jacket that is specifically designed to help keep the heat in and not lose it when the boiler is on stand by. This boiler series have cast iron boiler sections with heat pins, these are used to also help keep the heat in and the money that you are spending on heating costs low.

Weil McLain Series 80 Commercial Boilers
Weil McLain Series 80 Commercial Boilers
These Weil McLain Series 80 Commercial Boilers are one of the best selling commercial boilers in the Weil McLain inventory. These boilers are a made for either oil, gas or a dual fuel combination. They can either be installed for a forced air installation or a chimney draft installation. Perfect for light commercial applications and apartment complexes or multiple family homes. These boilers have an energy efficiency rating of 83%. There are three different models in the 80 Series. The Series 80 Oil Fired Boilers have an output rating of 278,000 BTUH and 134,800 BTUH.

On the water boilers you will find that they come with a 30 PSIG ASME rated Safety Relief Valve. The boiler sections are tested with an 80 PSIG maximum working pressure. Each has a combination high limit and a low limit control board. These boilers have an optional 5 year parts and labor warranty on all boilers. There are 6 different choices of burners to choose from, Carlin, Beckett, Riello, Gordon Piatt, Webster and PF. With so many different oil fired boilers out there from so many different manufacturers, it can be hard to narrow down which oil boilers are the best. Weil McLain has a great reputation with all of their boilers to be high quality, high performance and long lasting. You can search high and low for an oil-fired boiler with Weil McLain technology and performance. Their company has been in business for over 80 years.

They have a great reputation and their boilers have a life span of over 30 years. Where else can you buy an oil-fired boiler that will save you as much money as Weil McLain? Do some research and see whether you can find other oil-fired boilers that match up to Weil McLain. With the federal tax credit and the Appliance Stimulus Package rebate you will want to make sure that you get the best oil fired boiler that can save you money on the price and on a monthly basis.


  1. Our church, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, Baltimore Md, has one of your oil fired steam boilers which has performed fairly well over its life. It was installed in 1995. It is now 14 years old and has four zones, each with a thermostat. Lately it has been operating too well. It can not be shut down using a thermostat and one must use the emergency switch to do so. It was cycling on and off when the pressure went to 6psi. This goes on all the time and the temperature of the church rises to 80 degrees when the thermostats are set on 45. The boiler comes on and off every couple minutes. This has been going on for 3 months now. My personal thought is something is wrong with the thermostats, wiring, relays, or the motor controlled valves. Our oil supplier is on the case and diagnosing the problem. My thought is the wiring is suspect as it has been jerry-rigged in the past years, looks frayed and very sloppy. Not at all workmanlike.

    My basic question is how much useful time is left on such a boiler with all this on-and-off operation going on?

    A well maintained boiler I would suppose would last longer than one that has been neglected over 14 years.

    Another question is the low water cutoff valve. How often should one blow down the system at this valve?

    I would personally like to replace the whole heating plant – the boiler, the controls, the wiring, the thermostats and most of the leaking piping if not all of it. But I would like the opinion of the boiler maker before submitting such a proposal to the trustees.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Roy Keys

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