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Use Baking Soda In Your Swimming Pool


Most pool owners have no idea that they can use household baking soda in their swimming pool to adjust the PH and the alkalinity. The most common thing sold to swimming pool owners is something called Alk up or total alkalinity. The problem with buying alkalinity from your swimming pool dealer is that the price is way more expensive then regular baking soda.Use Baking Soda In Your Swimming Pool

Instead of wasting money on over priced buckets of total alkalinity you can use the baking soda found right in the local supermarket. One of the most common brands of baking soda you will find in most stores is Arm & Hammer baking soda. If you buy the large box of Arm & Hammer baking soda on the side you will see a chart on how much you should add to raise the total alkalinity according to your swimming pool size.You can also lower your high pH levels with baking soda.
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
To save even more money on the cost of your total alkalinity you can shop at discount home centers and buy your baking soda in bulk. This can not only save you money but can also save you a trip to the pool supply store in the middle of the summer when you need more pool chemicals.


  1. Make sure you add the correct amount. If the TA is too high, you will have problems. Also, Baking Soda will not lower pH. Use muriatic acid.
    John Galcius

    • Hi Gary,

      I would initially add around 10lbs then I would check the pool water with AquaCheck Strips or a test kit and make sure the end result is 90ppm – 120ppm,

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


    • Gary it depends on the TA reading before you add the baking soda and 10 lbs is probably was too much for your pool of 850 gallons as I only used 10 pounds in my 15000 gal swimming pool to raise it from 60PPM to close to 90 PPM

  2. Hi….. Why cant I find some place on the net that would simply tell me how to raise and lower EACH… of the following:

    1 ) Total Bromine
    2 ) Free Chlorine
    3 ) Total Alkalinity
    4 ) ph
    5 ) Total Hardness

    Wouldnt that solve the amount of questions people like myself have?
    Yes I need these answers as well.

  3. Generic baking soda at local Stop & Shop is $0.79 per pound (Arm & Hammer is $0.99 per pound) with no sales tax here in MA because it is a food product. At local pool chemical supply house, # 4 Alkalinity Increaser is $1.60 per pound plus 6.25% sales tax for a total of $1.70 per pound. So, generic product has a savings of $0.91 per pound for me here in MA

  4. Hi, my pool PH is always a little high. Can I use baking soda to adjust it, and if I use baking soda do I still have to use muriatic acid?? My pool is 20000 gallon. Thanks

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