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With so many different types of hot tubs and spas on the market today, finding the right hot tub jet part can be tough. Many people spend hours and hours searching pool and spa sites trying to find that hot tub jet part but only to find out that they need more model numbers or they simply just can not match the correct jet part.<Hot Tub Jet Parts

Before you decide to buy or order the hot tub jet parts you will first want to gather as much information about the hot tub as possible. This will include writing down all the model numbers of the hot tub as well as the manufacturers name and place you bought the hot tub. Many hot tub companies like Sundance, Jacuzzi, Catalina and beachcomber hot tubs will exact replacement parts for their brand of hot tubs and will most likely offer a repair service as well.

Here is some helpful tips to help you order a hot tub jet part:

Take Pictures Of Your Hot Tub Jet:

Many companies these days have websites and offer email support. You could take a picture of your broken hot tub jet part and then email it to the hot tub company. Once they receive your email with the picture of the broken hot tub jet part they can identify it and then send you a replacement.

Write Down All Information About Your Hot Tub:

Even if you took a picture of the hot tub’s jets as we described above you will still want to write down all the information you can find on the hot tub. This will include things like the make, the model, the size of the spa, where you bought it, and the serial number if you can find it. The more information you have about your spa, the easier it will be to locate the hot tub jet parts that you need.

How to locate hard to find hot tub jet parts:

With the pool, spa and hot tub industry always changing you may find that some of the replacement hot tub jet parts that you are looking for will seem impossible to find. The good news is that there are many other places besides the actual spa manufactures that will also sell replacement parts for your hot tub.


  1. So often with my friends I see where they buy these big nice jetted tubs and they break, got no way to fix them without major expense. I’ve seen quite a few of these that just sit there because they don’t work anymore. Is there any one brand that you can buy that for sure isn’t going to have the problem of not finding parts down the road? I know jacuzzi is a great brand but I guess that’s why they are so expensive to other brands?

  2. We inherited a beachcomber 7 man hot tub when we moved into a new house this fall. The tub had been seriously neglected, so we had to have both motors rebuilt due to ice damage, we had the knife valves redone as well, and also replaced the temperature sensors. I did all the actual work myself, the beachcomber dealer here in town was great in giving me advice and keeping turnaround time on the parts to a minimum. All told the total cost to us was less than $700. Not that bad when compared to the price of a new tub.

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