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Triangle Tube: Prestige Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boiler


The Prestige Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boiler is one of the most popular series of boilers from Triangle Tube. These boilers are rated with an impressive efficiency of 95%; it is tough to get much higher than that. The Prestige gas boiler has the capacity to adjust the firing rate to about 25% of the rated input. This will help save you money on your electric bills as well as your energy bills.Triangle Tube: Prestige Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boiler

The Prestige Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boiler is available in 5 different models the 110, 110LP, 175, 250 and the 399. Some of the features that Triangle Tube’s Prestige Gas Boiler offers are the fact that each model and each boiler are all factory tested and certified before being shipped out for the public. The Prestige Condensing Gas Boiler offers a Flanged Grundfos UP-15-58 System Circulator Pump that is rated for 110 volts only. The Prestige Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boiler contains a factory installed stainless steel heat exchanger; this is the best material that can be used on heat exchangers. It will protect them from rust and corrosion but they are also known for keeping the heat in. The burners installed inside the boiler are also made from a stainless steel construction.

The condensing boiler also includes a drain valve; a pressure gauge and a condensate drain assembly. The unit contains a 30-psi relief valve that should maintain 30 psi to maintain a smooth operation. It is important to read all of the manuals when purchasing a boiler. If you understand what the gauges and the valves do then you may be able to maintain the operation of the boiler without any outside maintenance.
Triangle Tube Prestige Boiler
The gas boiler contains a negative pressure gas valve and the 24 Volt terminal strip with removable jumpers for the manual reset or the automatic reset of the external controls. The NTC temperature sensors on the boiler ‘s supply, return and the flues. The specifications of the Prestige Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boiler from Triangle Tubes are as follows. The Solo 110 uses Natural Gas only and has an input MBH of 30,000 to 110,000 with an energy efficiency of 93% and a heating capacity of 103 MBH. The Solo 110LP uses Propane Gas only and uses the input MBH of 30,000 to 110,000 and has a heating capacity of 93 MBH and an efficiency of 93%.

The Solo 175 can use either the Natural Gas or Propane. They use an MBH input of 50,000 to 170,000. The have an efficiency rating of 92% plus a heating capacity of 157 MBH. The Solo 250 uses either Propane or Natural Gas, it has an MBH input of 65,000 to 245,000. The efficiency rating is 92% with a heating capacity of MBH of 226.

Question: What rating system is used to determine the boiler’s efficiency?

Answer: The Energy Star Rating System. This is the most popular system rating for all appliances today.

Question: Are these boilers rated for commercial use?

Answer: No, these are designed and rated for residential use only.

Question: What type of warranty comes with these boilers?

Answer: Triangle Tube offers a Limited 10 year Warranty on the Prestige Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boilers

Triangle Tube’s Prestige Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boiler offers high efficiency service; a reliable and dependable boiler and it will save you money on your heating bills in the cold winter months.


  1. We heat a 5600 sq foot ranch. The footprint is 2611 with a room above my garage. The basement floor has pex tubing in it and is one zone. The first floor is another zone with an air handler along with the room above the garage (just under 400 sq ft.) The home is foamed w/ 2×6 insulation and low e windows. Its 4 years old. We have rural septic/well water. At the suggestion of my now unemployed builder we installed a Quietside “Boiler” (QVM9-150 65k-135k modulating) with a 50 gal reserve tank. It handles the load fine WHEN it runs. It failes about every 3 months and I have a bucket of parts in my basement. I want it out! I have a quote for a TT or a Viessman for about 13K. I need advice. People say Viessman but there are few who work on them. Others hate Viessman. Few say bad things about TT. All say Quietside is junk and I agree. Help. We live in WI so it’s cold.

  2. I had very bad experience with High Efficiency Triangle Tube Prestige (399,000 BTU). It was installed in 2008 in my new house at my plumber’s advice. BIG MISTAKE! I should have gone with Buderus that my architect had proposed (more expensive but supposedly very reliable) or with some other, like Lochinvar (which would cost less than Triangle Tube). There was a problem almost from the start when the unit shot down and I had to call my contractor to get it restarted. Then there was another shotdown a year after we moved in. The company rep at the customer service was extremely unhelpful – borderline rude – and made it kind of clear the customer service is really not for the customers, only for professionals. Curiously, the rep mistakenly thought the problem was with the defective control panel – they’d had many issues with it and had a recent recall but even then they wouldn’t replace it for me at no charge!
    Eventually my plumber had to spend two days first trying to figure out the problem and then fixing it. As it turned out the blower (brand new, bought with the system) went bust. That was for no good reason, since the boiler room is all tiled and surgically clean, with no dust at all. Then I learned they only give insurance for 1 year which is a scam since it always takes a long time to finish the new house and move in after the boiler is delivered, so they really cover it for just a few months. And no one ever offered me to buy extended insurance. Now I had to pay $1500 full price for the new blower – they knew they had me and didn’t even have courtesy to offer a discount. Repeated calls to their distributor in NJ led nowhere, and at the insurance dept at Prestige they won’t lower themselves to talking with an end customer, insurance is really not for that in their view. A rep at their distributor’s company promised to take care of that, but instead simply wasted my time and eventually wouldn’t answer the phone or return the calls. So Prestige has no prestige in my book, my advice is go with someone else.

  3. Jim I have been in the hydronic heating for about 10 years. I have installed Teledyne Larrs, Wells McClain, Burnham, Viessman, Crown; and many Buderus and Triangle Tube boilers. Your best bet is to get a cast iron boiler by Burnhan, Viessman, Buderus, or Crown. They are all pretty rock soild units, however controls on Viessman and Buderus get a little more complicated. A cast iron unit from Crown should integrate to your current controls alright and be cost effective. Flue pipe issues could be a problem, so you may be more inclined to go to a condensing boiler. Venting can be done with soild core PVC pipe and depending on what you already have this may be the way to go. I have done Buderus condensing units and won’t do again. Shy away from aluminum heat exchangers, they break down with the acidity of the condensate, also the controls are complicated for the homeowner and heating contracter (unless this is all you install). Viessman makes a great condensing boiler, stainless steel heat exchanger, great unit, expensive, controls not easy, but great unit. Triangle Tube Prestige, one of the best units I have installed. I have done more of these than any other. I have temporary fired these on many jobs, premantly fired these within day(s) of installation and never had an issue. They are easy to pipe, install, control, nice for the homeowner to troubleshoot and have consistanly worked above and beyond not only my expections but also the homeowners. Based on the systems I have installed, I would recommend a Prestige boiler for your home.

  4. I keep getting a javascript error popup when I attempt submitting a comment. Does this happen for anybody else? I do not exactly have the most current computer so possibly that is the issue.

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