WeT HeaD KnowledgeTriangle TubeTriangle TubeThe Triangle Tube Company offers the Modulating Delta Direct Fired Water Heater. What makes this heater so special is the exclusive Tank In Design. This style of water heater uses two different water circuits. One of these circuits is dedicated to the production of the domestic hot water, which is the inner tank that is constructed with stainless steel.

The closed heat loop or water barrier will remove the direct contact that lies between the source of where the heat is produced and the stored domestic hot water. This system was designed to help create a longer life expectancy of the water heater. As the water is heating up the domestic water is at a 120 degrees Fahrenheit. When the water is heating through the loop at 180 degrees, the outer tank is circulating through the heat loop. This will provide a comfortable temperature and an efficient system.

Some of the standard equipment on the Modulating Delta Water Heater is the Stainless Steel Pre-Mix Burner with a steel mesh head. The unit has two valves, the first valve is the 30-psi relief valve and the second valve is a 150-psi temperature and pressure relief valve. Both of these valves will help your water heater more efficient. There is a built in low water cut off, this a great safety feature to have. The low water cut off will turn off the system when there is not enough water to run the system properly. This will prevent overheating.

The Triangle Tube Modulating Delta Direct Fired Water Heaters have digital temperature displays. It will show the temperature of the domestic hot water, space heating supply and return temperatures plus the outdoor temperatures too.  The system includes a circulator pump that comes pre-wired for domestic importance.

The Modulating Delta offers a Liquid Propane conversion kit for those who prefer Propane over Natural Gas. There are 4 different models of the Modulating Delta Water Heaters, the PG-150, the PG Plus 150 and the PG-199 and the PG Plus 199. The PG-150 uses an input MBH of 95,000 to 150,000. The PG Plus 150 uses an MBH input of 95,000 to 150,000 MBH. The PG-199 and the PG Plus 199 uses the same input MBH’s of 130,000 to 199,000.

The two models, the PG-150 and the PG-199 can be installed as either a Chimney Vent or a Direct Vent System. Both sets of water heaters use up to 292 gallons per hour of domestic hot water. All water heaters are made with stainless steel and stainless steel burners. The Direct Vent System can use up to 60 feet or they can use the chimney vent option.

Question: What is the warranty on the Modulating Delta Water Heater?

Answer: There is a 5-year and a 10 year parts and labor plan available

Question: What is the difference between the PG and the PG Plus Models?

Answer: The PG Plus 150 and the PG Plus 199 are Energy Star Rated to be high efficiency. The Plus Models can only be used as Direct Vent Systems Only

Question: Are these water heaters ready to be installed or do they need assembly

Answer: The Triangle Tube Modulating Delta Water Heater is ready to start heating your homes hot water right from the start.

Triangle Tube offers some great products to help you ensure a smooth operating system for heat as well as hot water. The Modulating Delta Direct Fired Water Heaters are perfect for residential homes. They are efficient and cost effective; if you want a reliable and dependable water heater, look no further than Triangle Tube The Modulating Delta Direct Fired Water Heaters.