The Amana AMV9 Gas fired Furnace is high efficient, it has a 95% efficiency rating, one of the highest in the industry. There are so many great things about this furnace that it is difficult to decide what should be mentioned first. One of the features of the AMV9 is the highly efficient and super quiet variable speed circulator motor; the better the furnace circulates the more efficient the furnace will run.Amana AMV9 Gas Furnace

Another great feature is the Electronic Control Board with a Self Diagnostic System. This system will help the owner diagnosis any problems that can arise from small ones. This self-diagnostic system can save you a lot of money in the long run as long as you pay attention to what the system is telling you. The unit also has an Amana Sure Start Igniter with Patented Adaptive Learning. This style of gas-fired furnace has an onboard control board with color-coded low voltage terminal and provisions for an electronic air cleaner. This unit is also dual certified for a sealed combustion direct venting system as well as for a non-direct vent application. The furnace also features a quiet as a mouse two speed induced draft blower and all models meet the requirements for the lox NOx emissions standards.
Amana AMV9 Gas Furnace
The Cabinet of the Amana AMV9 Gas Fired Furnace offers a 100% insulated jacket with heavy gauge steel plus a strong baked on enamel finish. The cabinet is designed with a multi position installation. There are two styles of the Amana Gas Fired furnaces, the AMV9 and the ACV9. You can choose the method of installation, the AMV9 can be installed either with up flow, horizontal left or horizontal right. The ACV9 can be installed with the down flow, horizontal left or horizontal right. All of the connections are all easily accessible for quick and easy installation.

There are 6 models in all, four of them are under the AMV9 Series and the other 2 belong to the ACV9 Gas Fired Furnaces. The models under the AMV9 have a heating capacity range of 46,000 Heating Input Btu’s to 115,000 Btu’s. The ACV9 Gas Fired Furnaces have a range from 69,000 Btu’s of Heating Input to 92,000 Btu’s Heating Input.On each furnace there is a certain number of burners for each furnace, the AMV9 models range from 2 burners to 5 burners and the ACV9 models range from 3 to 4 burners.

Question: What is the warranty on this furnace?

Answer: The AMV9 has a Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty and a 10 year Parts Limited Warranty

Question: What standards are used to claim a 95% efficiency rating?

Answer: All heating products use the Famous Energy Star Rating System. If you see an appliance with a blue Energy Star label then you know the product is good.

Question: What is the efficiency of these furnaces?

Answer: There are 6 different models in this series, but the efficiency rating ranges from 93% AFUE to 96% AFUE.

Amana is not just known for their kitchen appliances or their air conditioner units; they do have an impressive heating section. These furnaces are cost effective and they are rated with the best efficiency that Energy Star approved them for. All of these furnaces are made to use on a 115 vac, 60 Hz single-phase electrical supply.