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Central Boiler E-Classic 2300 Outside Wood Furnace


WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe Central Boiler E Classic 2300 Outside Wood Furnace is one of Central Boilers best selling wood burning furnaces. This special furnace uses a 3- stage combustion process that allows the wood to burn completely and more efficiently. Central Boiler is awaiting a patent pending, self-cleaning heat exchanger. This is one of a kind heat exchanger that is designed to emit very low emissions. Though wood burning is one the cleanest forms of energy, the self cleaning heat exchanger will make the system cleaner and even more cost effective.

This style of wood burning furnace is that it can heat many buildings at once, domestic water, shopping centers and a lot more. One of the features of the E-Classic 2300 from Central Boilers is the Fusion Combustor. This system works as the heated air is placed into the hot gases from the main firebox. This will result in the three stage controlled combustion. The Reaction Chamber is the last stop in the three stages of Combustion. As the combustion is completing, you will notice that there is little to no ash left because the burn temperatures are so high, they leave nothing left. The system also has a lockable firebox door; this is an ergonomically designed system that has a large opening that makes the furnace easy to load.

The door is made from a heavy-duty construction but it is easy to open and easy to close. The furnace door is insulated with three times the amount insulation that covers the rest of the furnace. On all furnaces and heating products is an Environmental Protection Agency Hand Tag left on the equipment. The E Classic 2300 from Central Boiler is no exception. The tag proves that the furnace was tested and certified and has met Phase 2 emissions levels. Another feature of the E-Classic 2300 Wood Burning Furnace uses a Cam Loc Door Closure. This was specially created and designed to have curved ends on the door. This will help keep the door perfectly closed around the adjustable bearings. The system allows for the doors to close tightly ever time. Also a great safety feature is the Photo Electronic Controlled Night Light. The light can be set to be an automatic light that turns on at nigh, making nighttime loading easy if needed.

Some other features of the E-Classic from Central Boilers are the High Capacity Water Jacket. This will give the furnace balance between the firebox volume and the water capacity. This design was made to provide the ultimate service and safety of any wood-burning furnace around. The system includes a Bypass Door that is used for redirecting the exhaust when the furnace is re-fueling.

Question: Can the E-Classic Wood Burning Furnace be installed indoors?

Answer: Yes, since it can be used in place or multiple indoor wood stoves too.

Question: Is the E-Classic 2300 insulated?

Answer: Yes, the wood-burning furnace is sprayed Urethane Foam Insulation. The insulation provides an airtight and waterproof seal around the furnace.

Question: Are these wood burning furnaces safe?

Answer: Yes, these units are tested and the EPA certifies all appliances including furnaces before they are allowed to be sold.

More and more people are turning to wood burning furnaces to heat their homes and their hot water. The Central Boiler has the perfect series of wood burning furnaces. The E-Classic 2300 is just one of many great furnaces in their inventory.


  1. The damper sticks open all the time so I keep losing my water . I keep the cover plate off so I can oil the plunger every day. It is very uncomfortable not knowing that when you come home and the boiler has overflowed. This has been going on for three year, it’s not that old.

    Please help, anyone else having this problem?

    dick Webber

  2. I install and work on central boiler and believe your problem is not the problem try scraping around the damperdoor and keeping your wood back more from the door 6-8 inchs this will help reduce the chance of future sticking soft wood like pine and spruce will cause this in mild weather hope this helps

  3. Isn’t this the same OWB that was recently shut down by the state of Alaska for making an entire elementary school of teachers and children sick?

    • Unfortunately, none of these units burn with no smoke emissions. Those emissions pollute and are harmful, despite manufacturers/retailers claims to burn clean. The only solution is to eliminate them. Not a message many want to hear, but it is factual.

  4. Yes this the same unit that caused all those problems in Alaska. I hear the EPA is sending letters out to these manufactures of wood boilers for misleading the public saying they burn so clean.

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