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Central Boiler Dual Fuel Ready Wood Furnace


WeT HeaD KnowledgeCentral Boiler is a Wood Heating Company; they offer many different styles and models of wood burning boilers. The advantages of a wood burning heating systems is that they burn clean and evenly. They are deemed to be environmentally friendly except they burn logs but the emissions are low and the boiler is considered to be 100% safe.

Central Boiler has wood boilers that just burn wood and they have the Dual Fuel Ready Models. These are wood boilers but they have an option for the furnace to have a Fuel oil, Natural Gas or Propane burner available for installation. On the Dual Fuel System, it currently has 4 different modes of heating your home, the Wood Only Mode, the Clean Start Mode, the Dual Fuel Backup and the Fuel Oil/LP/NG. With the testing of the Dual Fuel System, labs have shown that the efficiencies of this furnace are over 85%. The system was created with a flexibility that allows the furnace to adapt to your heating needs. These systems are not as complicated as they sound, they are easy to install and the installation of the oil or gas burner option is even easier.

By far this is the most cost effective choice when it comes to heating your home. The wood mode of this furnace lets the homeowner operate the furnace with just the wood only portion. There are no back-ups used in this mode, just straightforward wood burning. Wood is considered to be 100% renewable resource of energy.

Clean Start Mode

The Central Boiler Company Dual Fuel Ready Models come with this Clean Start Mode. With this mode of wood burning, it allows the dual fuel burner to run for a pre-set period of time at the start of each burn cycle. This will help create a high temperature in the second combustion area of Central Boiler’s Ripple Top and Heat Lock Baffle firebox. By using this mode, the furnace will offer as automatic back up alternate fuel.

Dual Fuel Backup

When you choose to use this mode of heating, it automatically starts the Dual Fuel Burner as a back up to the Wood Only Mode. This is a good backup to have in case of a wood cycle failure.

Fuel Oil-LP/NG

When you choose this mode of operation the Central Boiler Dual Fuel Ready System will operate the furnace when it is not firing with wood. The Liquid Propane, Natural Gas and the Fuel Oil Burners come with a 150,000 Btu rating and can be increased for different applications.

Question: Are these heating systems cost effective?

Answer: Yes, Wood Burning Systems burn evenly and consistently. There are little cold spots and will work well with any home heating system.

Question: Are Wood Burning Systems Safe?

Answer: Yes, the furnaces and boilers are made with the best construction materials. If you read the manuals you will see a section on how to load the heating system. As long as you practice safety when you are loading the system, the system is 100% safe.

Question: Where is the Control Knob to change the settings located?

Answer: The knob is located on the side of the panel pump. It has been factory installed in a safe place on the heating systems.

The Central Boiler Company is known for their innovative designs as well as their quality products. If you are looking for a system that is environmentally friendly and will provide your home with all of your heating needs, then consider the Central Boiler Dual Fuel Ready Models.


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