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Beckett HeatManager Review


WeT HeaD KnowledgeBeckett is one of the most recognizable names in the heating industry. From their burners to such products as the HeatManager Model 7512. The Heat Manager is a microprocessor that is controlled by a fuel economizer used in residential boiler heating systems. This unit works by automatically adjusting the burner firing patterns and the normal boiler water temperature to match the system’s heat load.

This device works almost like an outdoor reset sensor. The HeatManager works in conjunction with the existing boiler controls and the Aquastat. The HeatManager works to reduce the fuel consumption as well as reduce the wear and tear on the components and the flue emissions. The performance specs of the HeatManager are the following, it has a Relay Contact of 10 amps @ 220 vac General Purpose. The Control Circuit is 24 VAC/DC and 115/220 Vac. The Power Input is 24/115/220 Vac @ 5W. The Operating Humidity is 5% to 95% non-condensing. The Ambient operating Temperature is minus 10 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There are many applications to use this device. It does work best with most new or pre-existing residential boilers. This device is perfect for standard and multiple section boilers. The HeatManager works well on Steel or Cast Iron Boilers.

The Beckett HeatManager will work in conjunction with multi-zoned system. This will also help reduce the short cycling of the system. The system will work with all domestic hot water systems. The boiler temperatures should exceed 150 degrees constantly during the winter heating season. The Beckett HeatManager is perfect for boilers that are rated for 300,000 Btu’s. Some of the features and the benefits of the Beckett HeatManager Model 7512 is that it will improve the overall efficiency of your heating system. Beckett guarantees that it will reduce your heating system’s fuel consumption by 10% to 20 %. The HeatManager will work with any boiler fuel and it only takes an estimated 15 to 30 minutes for installation.

The Beckett HeatManager Model 7512 can be directly installed on the Aquastat or the electric junction box. The idea is to install the sensor as close as possible to the boiler or the boiler tank. This will get you the most efficiency. The system is basically a PC Board that is enclosed into an oil resistant plastic injection molded case. The Beckett HeatManager Model 7512 is handheld and is about 4″ in height x 4″ width and 2-1/2″ in depth. The idea is to make your boiler more efficient and with the HeatManager you can get more efficiency. Everyone is looking to save you money on their home heating bills in the cold winter months. This device can surely help you save money and get the desired warmth that you have been looking for.

Question: Will the HeatManager work on a boiler that does not have a Becket Burner?

Answer: Yes, the Beckett HeatManager will work on all boilers and boiler types.

Question: Will the HeatManager effect the way my boiler operates?

Answer: The HeatManager is designed to help the boiler run more efficiently. You will not notice any changes in the way the boiler operates.

Question: Where Can I Get a Beckett HeatManager?

Answer: Contact your local boiler company or visit your local heating supply store. You can also visit the Beckett website for a local distributor in your area.

Beckett is a name that you can trust for your entire home heating needs. By installing the Beckett HeatManager Model 7512, you are ensuring a warm winter with lower monthly heating bills. Look into the HeatManager Model 7512 from Beckett, you won’t be sorry.


  1. Installed in 30 min. Worked immediatly. I am very satisfied. I asked a boiler installer his opinion and he said he hated it because it took away repair business from him. LOL

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