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Top Five Ways To Pump Out A Flooded Basement


Pumping out a basement can be a safe job if it is done right. There are many things you will have to think about and watch for when pumping out a basement. There can be hidden dangers when you pump out your basement such as the walls , ceilings and floors collapsing because of the water damage.Top Five Ways To Pump Out A Flooded Basement

On June 13 12004 the Federal Emergency Management Agency posted a bulletin reminding people of what to watch for when pumping out a basement.So before we go and give you 5 top ways to pump out a basement we are going to tell you all about the safety steps you should take first. Many people will start to pump the water during a storm or even before the storm ends but you should never pump out your flooded basement until the flood waters are no longer covering the ground, you will want to wait until the water reseeds fully. No matter what your going to wind up with some basement water damage, that’s just what happens when it floods.

When you begin to pump out the water you should only pump out one foot of water and then using a piece of chalk or a marker , you should mark the wall and come back the next day and see if the water level went up. If the water level is now higher then you mark it is not time to drain the basement yet.
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The best thing to do if this happens is wait another 24 hours and then pump down another foot of water again. Come back the next day and if this time the water is at the same mark or below it is now same to pump out some, and yes we said just some of the water. Once the water level has stayed at your line that you marked on the wall you can start pumping but FEMA Recommends that you only pump out 2 – 3 feet every 24 hours until the basement is drained down completely. Its better to do its safe and slow then fast and someone gets hurt.

Now that we have told you what safety steps that you should take before pumping out your basement, we can now tell you the 5 best ways to get the water out. Please keep in mind that each way not be best for your situation but there is five ways to choose to pump the water out of the flooded basement.

How To Pump Out A Basement With A Trash Pump:

The trash pump is a great pump to pump any large area of water out. Some trash pumps can pump out hundreds and thousands of gallons an hour. To pump out your basement with a trash pump you will need two hoses. The first hose will be a solid hose that will be connected to the suction side of the trash pump. This is also the side of the hose that you will be sticking into the water. Th other hose will be a flexible roll out hose that can come in different lengths depending on how far you need to pump the water. This is called the discharge hose and will be connected to the discharge side of the pump.

How To Pump Out Your Basement With A Pool Pump:

Using an in-ground swimming pool pump may not be the fastest way to pump down your basement but if you have a pool and the pool hoses you can use this type of pump to pump down your basement. The thing you want to watch for is that this type of pump works worth a strainer basket and a plastic impeller, so not like the trash pump you have to be ore careful were you stick the suction end of the hose so that you don’t suck up to much debris and then clog the impeller. You would need to prime this pump as well just like a trash pump and use a pool hose for a suction hose and also for the discharge. Most pool pumps can be quickly wired for 120 / 240 by changing two wires in the back of the motor. You will also want to make sure to keep checking the strainer basket.

How To Pump Out You Basement With A Electric Submersible Pump:

The type of pump called a “submersible pump” is a great way to pump water from a flooded basement. Submersible pumps come in many discharge sizes depending on the horsepower of the pump. They are a bit different from the other types of pumps because they only use a discharge hose. The suction side of the pump is on the bottom of the pump. The pump has legs that hold it a few inches from the floor to allow the water to enter the suction side.

How To Pump Out Your Basement With A Utility Pump:

A utility pump is a great little pump that can be used with two garden hoses but does not transfer as much water as the other methods we have described bt this pump will pump out the basement over time.

How To Pump Out Your Basement With A Hand Crank Pump:

Last but not least you could do it just like the good ole days and use a traditional hand crank pump. Sometimes if the power and the utilities are still out because of the storm you will have no choice to use this kind of pump if you have nothing else. Sure it might take a while with just one person but get some people to help you to make it go faster.

Now that you know how to pump out a basement you just need to follow all the safety steps to insure you get the job done without any accidents.


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